Jim Quits Buying Links … But Why Now?

Jim’s thinking on buying links can’t be that far different from Aaron Wall‘s or Greg Boser‘s or Todd Malicoat‘s thinking, imho. They’re all part of the Vet SEO independent webmaster school of thought. And if you have done any reading at all on search, you’d know that AaronGregTodd, and others encourage big brands to buy text links to rank higher. Now consider that Jim and We Build Pages have got an excellent reputation in the search marketing business, and thus likely have attracted some big-name brands to their client roster. Why would WBP not buy links for them?

This is why I was as surprised as the rest of the community to hear Jim Boykin saying that he’s finally throwing in the towel and quitting link buying.

Alright, so Jim can sleep easier at night now that he’s stopped buying links. Methinks that’s one of the reasons…I have thoughts on others that may have been at play as well. I mean, Jim could have slept easier for a long time already, so why the sudden change? Eric Ward highlighted that, though perhaps rhetorically since he doesn’t buy links.

On a related note, if you have the stomach for the risk and the cash to buy enough links to see a positive ROI from it, I’m happy to serve as your new, discrete link buyer. Get in touch and we can discuss a link buying program to reach your goals, meet your budget, and fit your risk tolerance.  On a related note, I offer site buying services if that’s more your bag.

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Author: sroiadmin