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Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, August 5, 2007

Get your SEO proposal here. You can use the form below, or use Outlook or your own email service to write and request a proposal in the meantime.

You can expect a response within one business day. If you came here straight from a search engine and haven’t seen the rest of the site, I encourage you to get the full story, however, by checking out the About page.


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“As someone with a strong understanding of advanced SEO techniques, I wasn’t sure if an SEO consultation was something that I needed; however, I knew from Gab’s articles that if I did, he was the person to go to.
Working with Gab reaffirmed that belief.
Gab did some link building work with me and also spent some time doing a phone consultation. He was the perfect sounding board for some of the big ideas that I’ve been planning on implementing, and he also introduced me to some concepts that I’m excited about trying. It’s very obvious that Gab has a passion for SEO, and he’s constantly working to not only be one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry but also to push the limits of the field by testing new ideas.
He was a pleasure to work with, and I’d recommend him to business owners with all levels of SEO needs.”