Social Media Analytics Via The FriendFeed API

I’ve written before about what I see as the correct paradigm for measuring social media success: the strength of the relationships you’ve built. I’ve been aware of FriendFeed for a while, but I wasn’t aware of what it was precisely. And more importantly, I didn’t know that it had an API.

I’m aware of both now. So FYI: you can create a basic social media analytics software/platform.

You hook up your code to Friendfeed and count how much interaction is going on between folks. Then your software’s users log in and can see how many karma points they’ve racked up.

If you want to get fancy, you can try and parse the language for nasty interaction such as insults, and subtract karma points for that. Also, since we tend to forget the [small] good things people have done for us, there should be a natural attrition rate of your karma points.

So how long will it be until someone creates these social media analytics tools? What will they be called? How will they be monetized? Will Friendfeed’s lack of integration with StumbleUpon and niche networks (e.g. Sphinn) prevent you from using these tools? Here’s looking for comments! Also, add my RSS feed to your reader!

p.s. This also reinforces my earlier point about the trend of the commodification of data.

Author: sroiadmin