Check Links For Viruses & Build Links Faster!

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Fellow Canadian SEO, Melanie Nathan, recently wrote an interesting guest post for Search Engine People on the reciprocity approach to link building. This method is the traditional approach of pointing out 404s, links going to malware-infected sites and so on.

Melanie mentioned in passing that links to sites with drive-by-downloads of malware were some of the most valuable to identify.

People take these the most serious and are especially grateful for having them pointed out. No one wants to send their visitors to sites where they’ll get viruses.

But how can you do that without visiting each site in turn? How can you speed up the process?

1. Introducing the Dr. Web Anti-Virus Link Checker. It’s a Firefox extension that tells you if a page you’re about to load is dangerous or not. (Hattip Mashable’s security extensions list.)

2. People with Kaspersky subscriptions can click a red K icon in the upper right corner of their Firefox browser, and Kaspersky will scan all the links on the page. I don’t know what happens if they find one, or if they only alert you if they find a dangerous link, but so far I’ve yet to be alerted to anything…

3. On a similar note, you can do roughly the same with this anti-phishing extension that warns you of potentially harmful sites posing as legitimate ones. It tips you off before you fill in their forms, preventing you from giving bad people your usernames and passwords.

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Author: sroiadmin