What Do You Hate About My Site? What’s Broken? What’s Ugly? What Needs Change?

I’m accumulating a list of beef I have with the current iteration of the site and am already at over 20 grievances. I would love to hear your problems with the site. Nothing is too small or too big or too trivial or too stupid. Often the ‘stupid’ ideas are the million-dollar “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.

Great answers get a free download of my super-secret PPC plugin for managing multiple landing pages of a single WordPress minisite. Plus you can have the satisfaction of seeing your ideas implemented in the redesign :D.

Also, the title’s questions are just a starting point. Feel free to recommend plugins, highlight usability problems, suggest superior SEO tactics, advocate for how I should use the header space currently taken up by varying taglines/testimonials (besides the search bar), different graphics, different conversion paths/tactics … anything!

UPDATE: In response to complaints about the font, I changed a global style in the stylesheet so the first font listed in the font family reads “Arial”. Please tell me if this is easier for you to read!

Author: sroiadmin