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Full disclosure: I’m getting a free review copy for this review.

Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, has been at link building since the bad old days when Yahoo Directory actually was a place to start your search (imagine!). More importantly, the man is great at unearthing very high-quality link opportunities, often hubs, that would go for $500 – $1000 / pop if you were paying true value for time.

Eric’s subscription newsletter is available very affordably – $8/month!

What’s nice is that the newsletter isn’t rehashing directories everyone knows. For example, were you aware that you can get into Encyclopedia Britannica? Or that there are specialized search engines for boating and biology?

One thing in particular that I’d never considered was how PageRank is partly dependent on how specific a page’s topic is. The wider your appeal, the more links you can gain and thus obtain more PageRank. But the more narrowly and specifically you cover a topic, the fewer the people that might link to you. Conversely, narrower treatments will often answer a searcher’s intent better than general pages. I won’t share Eric’s examples, but he demonstrated his case well with some particular SERPs.

(For people wondering how my book compares to Eric’s newsletter, the purposes and learning are different. While I have a section on link building tactics, my book is on all of advanced SEO, including converting SEO traffic, keyword research and other miscellaneous tasks. Further, I also teach you creative thinking to invent your own link acquisition tactics. Hence the book is in the $100 price range.)

Finally, Eric discusses free tools like Firefox extensions a few people know about… sure to be appreciated by people spending most of their time on the link hunt.

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Author: sroiadmin