Internal Link Building Update

Author: Gab Goldenberg

A few of you have been kind enough to report bugs and issues with the internal link building plugin. I’m currently aware of the following issues. They’re on the to-do-list to be fixed and/or improved. I wasn’t sure whether or not to hide these bugs or be upfront about it, but I figure it’s better to fess up and be transparent than whatever might happen in the alternative.

Keep in mind, however, that some problems will be specific to you personally. Try de-activating other plugins before you come to report a problem. If that doesn’t work, then please, I really, really want to hear from you!

Also, if you’re on version 1 of the plugin rather than version 2, get version 2
now as it fixes a common bug (see 2 below) and may address yours. You don’t need to worry about losing saved keywords; they’ll be there when you install the new version. This is per my testing on a 2.5x WP install on this site.

1) Apostrophes are not being accepted as part of a keyword. Problematic for anyone that wants to use a possessive (e.g. mark’s internet marketing) and for many Irish folks.

2) Words that are set as global keywords, when appearing within URLs, get linked. E.g. “”  appearing as the text will have cats link to the page set for ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’ set to the page for dogs. This bug also affects trying to set something like ‘idea’ to link to THIS BUG IS FIXED IN THE LATEST VERSION, courtesy of Chris Balicki of Web Systems SEO / reklama internetowa. Download that and install it if you have any problems.

3) Linking from the destination page to itself. I.e. my SEO services page links to itself. While nothing is technically broken, it’s kinda dorky and shabby usability for less-savvy users who won’t look at a link’s destination before clicking.

4) When words appear within blockquotes or lists they’re not getting linked. I checked this myself and there’s no consistency in the plugin; sometimes the links appear, but mostly they don’t.

5) It looks like the randomize functionality duplicates links. Per Chris Cemper: “If we specify 6 links and place 3 per post, we certainly want 3 unique links, not 3 times the same ones… that would look spammy/unnatural.” I personally could not replicate this, so I don’t know what to do about it.

6) On a vanilla WP 2.6, Chris got this problem

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument 0000001 is not an array in C:\!work\!testbed2\wordpress26\wp-content\plugins\internal-link-building\Internal_Link_Building.php

Err, crap. Anyone else get that/know why that’s happening?

7) There’s no facility to do this in bulk. I’m going to speak to my dev about having some CSV import/export functionality so that multiple keywords/links can be done in one go.

Other requests I’ve had:

1) Simple Tags/another plugin compatibility. If I wanted to make my plugin compatible with every other plugin out there, it would be a money sink. Sorry, but this isn’t happening.

2) No follow functionality (e.g. make a link use nofollow). Not sure why you’d use a link building plugin and want it to do nofollow too. If enough people chime in in the comments, I may have this added. I’m a lot more likely to do this if you offer monetary support through PayPal. But I think you guys could stop citing Wikipedia so often (you know who you are) and use the Wikipedia-nofollow plugin if that’s the concern.

3) Ability to set multiple keywords to link to a particular page. I’m thinking this will be integrated with the bulk feature above. At first, I was reluctant but I just set up about 60 phrases using the tool and it can get tedious if one of your pages targets multiple keywords…

Finally, if you guys would like to help accelerate the development of the plugin and the fixes named above, please leave a comment and what you’re willing to contribute. I’ll email you a money request through Paypal. Supporters will be acknowledged.

Author: sroiadmin