BuzzStream Does It Again

Author: Gab Goldenberg

It seems whenever BuzzStream sends out an email with new product features for their link building CRM software, I’m highly impressed with the value they’ve added to their product. It’s a great competitive differentiation they’re building, and in my eyes, highly worth it for any link builder regularly building links manually.

Some of their latest integration collects all potential contact information, including social media accounts and phone numbers.

They’ve also added automated tracking of relationships with Twitter, and now you can share that between people working on a relationship. It used to be limited to whoever ran the Twitter account in contact with the particular lead.

Over and above that, they’ve automated link prospect queries and scraping the results, including de-duplication and adding in contact info plus other details.

Brilliant time-savers that make link building a lot less tedious for anyone involved, imho. Buzzstream is a social media analytics.

Author: sroiadmin