Brian Wallace On Redesigns And Usability

Brian Wallace runs NowSourcing, an infographics-specialist consulting shop :). They recently redesigned and Brian was kind enough to tell me why and what the process was!

Q – Tell us what your goals were.
BW – To create a classy custom feel to showcase our infographic design and social media services. The old site showed the typical internet marketing services you’d expect, but we wanted a more visual feel as well.

Q – What were the problem(s) with the old site?
BW – We wanted to make a great showpiece site highlighting our infographic work as well as our other services. Additionally, we wanted to show the depth of our team. Earlier iterations of our site were mainly the strength of the blog but did not highlight our services enough.

Q – Why not just tweak the old site, why do a full redesign?
BW – that’s a measure we tried before. Sometimes it makes more sense to really jump to the next level and make a big splash rather than incremental updates that site visitors might not even notice.

Q – Did you guys do usability testing as part of the redesign? what did you discover?
BW – Yes we did and for good reason. It’s important to check out new sites on all sorts of platforms/browsers and screen resolutions.

Q – Who did you work with and how did you select them?
BW – We worked with longtime partner NoFavorite out of NYC. Greg Passuntino and the gang are the best :)

Q – Any tips on redesign workflow to be efficient?
BW – Have swift, brutal and honest feedback. You’re not hurting anyone’s feelings. Just make sure to back it up with suggestions.

Q – What advice would you have for others redesigning?
BW – know your target audience and don’t just make something that only you like. Marketers are often in their own echo chamber. Show people outside of your industry. It will pay off in the end.

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Author: sroiadmin