Phillip Klien of BT Buckets & Site Apps Gives Me Segmentation & CRO Tips!

Gabriel Goldenberg
Author: Gabriel Goldenberg

I recently had a great chat with Phillip Klien, a conversion expert using software to first segment (or “bucket”) traffic and then personalize visitors’ experience. In fact, he co-founded, a behavioral targeting (BT) tool that enables exactly this kind of personalization, and, a marketplace for related CRO and BT tools.

1) How did you come up with the idea for BT Buckets as a platform?

BTBuckets was a spin-off from our mother company’s web analytics tool, Predicta Atmosphere, back in 2008. We wanted to allow our customers to be able to act on insights of user behavior generated by analytics reports.

Coincidentally, cloud computing was starting to emerge. We decided to create a self-service platform that allowed anyone to enhance their web site experience using segmentation. logo2) Can you point us to some case studies of people using BT buckets to increase conversion?

The most common use of BTBuckets is to segment a strategic prospect based on a behavior cue (such as where they came from or if they put something in a shopping cart) and use this information to create a more tailored visitor experience.

Here’s a BTBuckets case study (PDF, opens new window) based literally on where people came from (i.e. Brazil). [It used something like the Image Switcher SiteApp.]

We realized that if we arm marketers with ways to engage these users even without the help of IT – dozens of micro-optimizations can be put into place in a very agile fashion.

This actually changes the optimization culture within that company. And that’s actually the reason we created BTBuckets sister project

Google Analytics on Steroids Site App
Google Analytics on Steroids Site App

Here’s an app that caught our attention: Social Media Network Detector  – Basically this app allows you to push information regarding which social networks your use is connected to.  This can be invaluable in deciding which social networks to dedicate effort with.

Another app we really like is GA segmentation survey – with this, you can create segmented surveys (such as per keyword) to better generate behavior hypotheses and post this information to Google Analytics.

3) What is the name of your presentation at Conversion Conference, and what knowledge level does it address?

Phillip Klien

Phillip Klien will be speaking at Conversion Conference,
June 25-26, in Chicago

The title of my presentation is “Channeling Cialdini: How Persuasive Messaging Increased Click to Cart by 40%” – where I will show a real hands-on approach on how persuasive techniques can be used.

Most of our optimization efforts are focused on improving something we already have (headlines, images, call-to-action buttons) – when we should really be thinking about the specific human beings behind the monitor.

Emotions are key.

4) Have you got materials on the topic people can access online? E.g. videos, blog posts etc I can link to and/or embed?

This presentation is actually a continuation of what I presented last year. Here’s the blog post where I discuss in more detail Cialdini and his persuasive “weapons”:

[Ed: BT Buckets’ homepage vid does an excellent job explaining the idea of behavioral targeting. Watching will be the best 2 minutes you ever worked.]

5) Are there any speakers or sessions you’re looking forward to hearing at the show?

I am a Conversion Conference alum and tend to have a serious case of loss aversion in selecting which track to watch.

I am a big fan of sessions with real cases, but my focus this year is to interact with attendees and speakers using persuasion in their CRO strategy.

John Lawson’s track session “Social Persuasion: Selling More Through Influence & Authority” is one that I will definitely not miss.

6) Who do you want to meet/network with at the show (can be someone specific or a subgroup of attendees)?

I want to try to connect with people dealing with CRO in e-commerce sites.

I want to understand what segmentation strategies allow them to target valuable user groups. And ultimately, what results came from using Cialdini’s “weapons of influence”.

7) What are your top 3 tips on how SEOs can use BT to maximize customer/lead/donor acquisition from SEO traffic?

I think that the most important thing that BT can be used with organic search is to create a more engaging experience for web site users. If you sell multiple products or services and most of your organic keywords drive traffic to your home page – make sure that the headlines and images of your home page are congruent with what term was used in the search engine. That means having different home pages for different types of search traffic. [Ed: Funny, I talk about this in my advanced SEO book‘s conversion rate optimization tactics:) ]

Also, if you have specific keywords that bring valuable traffic – create buckets (segments) for these users. You can then present specific messages and content (such as discount codes for incentives) to these users throughout the funnel process. [Emphasis added – Phillip’s point here is genius – you can customize the content you show not just on the landing page, but on your whole site. Phil refers to this under “Flows vs Landing Pages”  here.]

And if this doesn’t work, use these segments for re-targeting. [Again, a really clever tip – as I wrote before, SEOs and especially e-commerce SEOs need to maximize customer acquisition. If you didn’t get their name and email on the first go, have another try at converting them!]

You can find Phil on Twitter @PKlien

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