Are Directory Submissions Worthwhile?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

It is worth submitting your site to some directories, including paid ones. There are two reasons to submit to directories. First, you stand to gain text links that help with your SEO. Second, some directories will also send you traffic.

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Text links from outside sites indicate to the search engines that your website is a quality one. It’s as if the owner/administrator of the other website says, “I know this site and am vouching for it.” Additionally, the anchor text will help indicate to search engines what the site is about. In other words, the blue underlined words determine what keywords your site (or page being linked to) is relevant for.

Second, if you sign up with well-maintained and professional directories like Yahoo, you’ll find that some visitors will come to your site through those links. It won’t be much, typically, but if you can get some extra traffic and perhaps a few leads or sales, then why complain, right?

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Author: sroiadmin