SEO Prices

My SEO services prices are flexible to enable you to pick the most appropriate pricing model for your business.

When you’re ready, get a quote within 2 business days.

I offer three pricing options: monthly pricing, project pricing or hourly pricing. The monthly and project pricing options include unlimited email support for technical issues. Prices are based on:

  1. Previous successes for myself and for clients across multiple industries,
  2. 3000+ Hours worth of expertise and experience,
  3. Credibility as demonstrated by speaking engagements and media citations,
  4. Thought leadership as seen by my creation of tools such as a blog plugin downloaded by over 5000 SEOs to date.
  5. Appeal of a given project to me,

Pricing Option Details

1. Monthly Price:

Best for companies

  1. Needing a lot of work,
  2. Having a 3+ month timeframe
  3. With tight cash-flow and prefer to spread the investment over time.

Sample From An Actual Proposal:

  • Keyword research report;
  • AdWords campaign to test various keywords;
  • Code and text optimization advice;
  • Link-building;
  • Reporting every second week during the AdWords campaign and monthly thereafter;
  • Conversion Ruler Analytics account and service, including cross-channel tracking for offline sales, for two months.

Price: Starting at $3000/month.

2. Pay Per Project:

Where cash flow isn’t an as important concern, this option gets the maximum done in minimal time. You and I set out goals for the campaign and a task list to achieve those goals. The project is complete when everything on the task list has been done.
Sample Plan: 1 report every week, project completion within 2 months.

Price: Starting at $5,000. Payment plans are possible.

3. Hour-long consultations:

Ideal for:

  • Startups who want direction,
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) SEOs who want an expert second opinion
  • Those who need to bounce their ideas off a pro,
  • Limited budgets.

We can talk over the phone or online, or you can ask for an SEO review of some sample pages on your website.

Price: $200/hour. Discounts are available for regularly scheduled consultations.

Hourly consultations are now available for order directly through! Click the Buy Now button below to get a one-hour consultation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

The price, as mentioned above, is $200. The payment is securely handled through Paypal, the world’s leading payment processing company. All you need in order to buy is a credit card, or a Paypal account (there are over 100 million members, and it’s growing daily). I also accept some e-cheques and whatever other alternative forms of payment are currently supported by Paypal.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get an email confirmation and a second email asking you when you’d like to schedule the consultation. You can schedule the session anytime between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

If you’re interested in buying an SEO consultation, click here for more details on what you’ll get. You can also check out what makes SEO ROI different and better (opens in a new window) or read more about SEO ROI so you can feel more confident buying.

Author: sroiadmin