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My Search Engine Reputation Management Gives You Peace Of Mind

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) provides individuals and companies with these benefits:

  • Protects people and companies from undue criticism
  • It helps individuals get hired, earn scholarships, be awarded loans, etc.
  • Delivers max sales for companies from super-hot prospects (e.g. people searching for brand keywords)

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Search Marketing Expo Advanced SpeakerThe way SEO ROI Services performs Search Engine Reputation Management is to:

  1. Help you fix any mistakes you made, (where applicable)
  2. Remove the nasty material, or at least get the tone tempered
  3. Own Google’s entire top 10 for your name/brand
  4. Avoid future issues by polishing your communications
  5. Proactively let everyone know you’re a nice guy/gal

Address the problem and the critics:

Search Engine Land

1. If applicable, you need to address the problems for which you/your company is being criticized. If you don’t, then new pages full of criticism will replace the old ones in the search engine rankings …

2. I’ll manage your reputation by asking people to remove the nasty stuff or tone it down. I’ll make the request successful, usually with a sincere promise or proof of change. That’s why Step 1 is crucial!Search Engine Watch

Owning the search engine results and managing your reputation in them:

3. Next, we’ll put 10 positive or neutral stories in Google’s top 10. Whether or not the critics remove or edit the content, Google may still show it in the search results for various technical reasons. This puts the control of your reputation firmly in your own hands.SEO moz

4. To avoid such problems in the future, we’ll provide you with tools and training to help yourself prevent future attacks, and deal with any that still arise.

You’ll communicate proactively, plus be able to find out when people talk about you and respond accordingly.

Use Public Relations to help build your reputation logo

5. Once you’ve cleaned up the damage, never let yourself be vulnerable again! I’ll help you start public relations efforts that will build up your reputation. People will have a positive image of you.

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