Miriam Ellis’ HyperLocal Blogging Tips: A Home Run!

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Noticed this through Sphinn, and I have to say, Miriam Ellis of Solas Web Design has really hit a home run with her recent series on hyperlocal blogging.

She starts by elaborating on 5 tips. Then continues with Hyperlocal Blogging Sonoma County, CA – More SEO Copywriting TipsToday’s SEO Copywriting Tip for the HyperLocal Blogger in Calaveras County, CACopywriting Tips for the Mendocino County Hyperlocal Blogger; and finally wraps it up with For the Bay Area Hyperlocal Blog – 2 Copywriting Tips!

There aren’t many SEO blogs that cover original material or break new ground, but I must say that Miriam certainly has done so here! In addition, she’s recently discovered a new element of G’s universal search – local personalization. Not only that, but these personalized results are location independent!

On a related note, my friend and noted local SEO expert Mike Blumenthal has picked up on the latest piece of industrial-strength Map Spam at G. While he’s reported on these before, and would not otherwise be particularly notable, this story has two twists:

  • The spam is being monetized in an original way.
  • It relates to STDs and HIV and makes you wonder whether you can trust some of these places providing health care.

If you like the piece, I’ve sphunn it and encourage you to do the same. The nofollow is to avoid that piece outranking the original, FYI.

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Author: sroiadmin