Monitor Twitter to Get Backlinks!

I am a self-obsessed Twitter fanatic. I spend way too much of my day on there, usually at a severe cost to my productivity. This is why when I started to get into social media marketing, I jumped in with both feet. Being on Twitter for work? I was totally in!

Because I spend so much time there, I have discovered the benefit of using it for everything from promotion and customer service, to reputation monitoring and trend reviewing. But it is a link building that I have recently been putting a lot of effort into. Or, as much effort as I can between retweeting funny pictures of pets and old Simpson’s quotes.

What interested me when talking to fellow bloggers was that many don’t know about link building through Twitter. At least, outside of posting links to their own blogs on their Twitter feed, which is social media marketing 101. But not the focus of this article.

Twitter is about building contacts NOT links – False

Twitter is about building links through great opportunities – True

Link Building On Twitter

Monitor Twitter for links - Tweetdeck

You can also gather brand dedication along with a link when you follow search terms AND interact with other Twitter users. This all ties into reputation management, which you should be practicing anyway. When you do this, you are increasing the likelihood of a mention on their feed, blog or another site. This is a great way to build links all over the web. Especially if you target popular tweeters.

HACK: Twitter search is your first *awesome* source of link building opportunities

Here are just a few awesome search ideas for you (pick a few!)

  • Target content curators: “iPhone apps” list / roundup / best
  • Target local bloggers: #dallas (blog)
  • Target your competitors’ promoters / your own promoters: viprealty

PAIN: With the new Twitter API monitoring Twitter search has become a massive pain

There’s really only one way around this: Twitter API seems to work much better on their own app: new TweetDeck. You may hate Twitter’s dominance making other Twitter search apps such a pain, but at least there’s a known workaround :)

Participating and Hosting Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a new great way to enter the niche you target. If you have a social media manager, make sure there’s a list of Twitter chats in your niche for your manager to consistently participate. There’s a ton of opportunities there.

Here are some local Twitter chats for example:




Setting up a Twitter chat is easy as well. Here’s a good site for that: TwChat

It allows you to set up hushtag-driven room and will even let you archive and analyze all the tweets later. A good Twitter chat is always a link bait in itself: Besides, you can always become a niche celebrity by maintaining one!


Link building is a part of any online business. But you want to make sure you are getting high-quality links, which can take a lot of time and effort. Both of which are hard to come by, at times.

Social media makes it so much easier. Especially Twitter, thanks to their live feed and potential for connecting with those interested in your brand. Start using it to, and you will be sure to see results.

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By Michelle Troy

Michelle Troy is the local blogger writing for VIP Realty Dallas blog. Michelle specializes in local journalism and community building.

Author: sroiadmin