Broken Link Building Just Got Stupidly Easy

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Two people whom I really admire for their abilities and expertise in SEO, Garrett French of Citation Labs and Russ Virante of Virante Inc, teamed up to produce the Broken Link Prospector.

If you’re not familiar with broken link building, it’s essentially a variant on cloning (aka resurrecting) old sites from the dead, which I introduced 4 years ago. You can read a broken link building case study for details on how well it works.

Essentially it automates all the research, and I quote:

• We run 280 unique search queries that yield
• ~28,000 linking pages that yield
• ~300,000 pages for status checking
• ~250 dead pages and sites ordered by # of inbound domains
• Filtered down to the strongest broken link building opportunities…
• That you can sort by link popularity and relevance!

Did I say all the research? Perhaps I should say, almost all the research. I recently wrote about a sneaky little tactic to speed up the discovery of which webmaster emails were still working or not, for use after finding your broken link building prospects. And then my looooongtime reader Liam Delahunty told me he had an email testing tool as part of his Online Sales suitethat automated that end of the process, which I shared with you here.

Summary: If you want premium links … you want those two tools. They’ll set you back about $100 total/month, but then you hardly need any other tools imho.

Author: sroiadmin