Finding [Mass] Niches With Content-Spinning

Hey there boys and girls – want to get into multiple niches really fast? Are those niches just slightly different from one another, being a “base keyword” + modifier combination? Know that if you just duplicate the copy from one “base keyword” + modifier A page to a page targeting “base keyword” + modifer B, the newer page will probably get filtered as a duplicate or low value page?

This is true both in sales-driven businesses and in lead-driven businesses.

If you think laterally, there’s a simple workaround. Blackhat SEOs call it content spinning or article rewriting or madlibbing.

Content spinning or article rewriting works as follows. The spinning software takes your original article. You select words and phrases and type synonymous words and phrases. The article randomly selects amongst the synonyms to create a coherent – yet quite different – article.

You sell blue widgets and have 500 words of copy on blue widgets? Are they the same as your red widgets except for the paint job?

Take the blue widget copy, run it through an article rewriter program and voila – fresh new copy for the red widget page. Just do a find and replace afterward to switch all instances of the word blue for red.

No need Less need to worry that the red widget copy will get the red widget page filtered by the engines.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as whitehat SEO or greyhat SEO. It’s different from what some blackhats use it for (at least, that I know), because:

1. Some blackhats aim to create massive amounts of rewritten articles for link building purposes. This is an onsite technique.
2. Blackhats who use this as an on-site technique just need it to bulk up crummy sites that will feed link juice upwards to moderately cleaner sites in a spam pyramid. Alternately, they’re used on made-for-Adsense sites that only exist for search engines.

I doubt it’s entirely whitehat, however, because the main point of this is to avoid being filtered by search engine algorithms. But assuming you at least provide these various widgets, you’re at least saving visitors a click (e.g. the Adsense click).

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Author: sroiadmin