Competitors Checking Your Backlinks? Give Their Tools The 180 Fake Out!

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, November 17, 2009

Are competitors mining your backlinks with tools like Yahoo! Site Explorer, Linkscape and Majestic SEO? Just because they can check your backlinks out, doesn’t mean you should make life easy by giving good data to their link building tools.


Find Competitors’ Conversion Rates

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, November 3, 2009

If you could find out what competitors’ conversion rates are and you can estimate the traffic value to your competition? Surely the PPC pros could use that conversion data…

Well, it turns out you can get a pretty good idea about competitors’ conversion rates. (more…)

How Should I Create My “Best Of” Page?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 25, 2009

Hey guys,

After my previous great experiences going to you for advice, I thought I’d ask how I should go about creating my “Best Of” page? In particular, I’m interested in 2 things:

1) What posts belong there?

2) How should I highlight the page? I used to have a best of the page in my main navigation, but it got very few clicks. I’d like to perhaps try a different approach – what would you guys suggest?



My Search And Business Reading List

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 19, 2009

Here’s what I’ve been reading for the past few months. Most of these are excellent, and I encourage you guys to get your own copy. (more…)

8 Short Steps To Forecast and Estimate SEO ROI…

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, July 6, 2009

… And Based On That Projected ROI, Get Management Buy-In, Set Priorities and Spend Time Wisely.


Splash Page SEO: How To Rank With The Double Homepage Technique

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 21, 2009

Are you ready?

Froogle 2.0: Google Declares War On Amazon

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 5, 2009

booksAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by One Good Bumblebee
From the Seattle Times today (read in print version) comes a story headlined: “Google Says It Will Challenge Amazon On Electronic Books.” Loyal readers of mine would have known this was coming 7 months ago. Here are a few choice excerpts from my old post: (more…)

The 4.5 Personas Of My SEO Site

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 6, 2009

4Q Visitor SurveysBy observing patterns in visitor intent and demographics, conversion optimization and redesigns can be planned more intelligently. The patterns you identify can be used to create personas. Through my use of 4Q visitor surveys, I’ve learned the top reasons people visit SEO ROI Services and developed corresponding personas.

What’s a persona? (more…)

404 FOUND Errors: What To Do When Visitors Get The Right Page

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 29, 2009

Normally, a 404 Not Found error is shown to visitors when they try to visit a non-existent page. But what about when there is a page there, only it doesn’t have what they want – what do you do then? One solution is to offer them a link to the right page, duh! It sounds simple, but it can actually be a bit tricky. Another is to update the page and answer people’s questions(more…)

Social & Information Retrieval Scratchpad

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 18, 2009

1. Do you need social proof? “As Seen In [the following media]” is a popular and well-trusted form of social proof. So next time you run a campaign, why not hit up Google News for inspiration, plus the internal search functions of major news networks and trade publications? (more…)

Human Resources Managers Should Measure Social Media Marketing

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 9, 2009

Aha! I finally realized why measuring relationships is the best way to measure social media results! Two words: Opportunity Cost. (more…)

Pulling The Ole Switcharoo To Beat The Captcha Cracka Bots

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 22, 2009

Spam with Stinky French Garlicby jalb If you’re using captchas to protect your forms or other forms of logic, you’re probably finding that you’re still getting spammed despite the captcha.
Well, here is a new idea for you to beat those captcha cracka bots, and some ways to implement it. (more…)

Sexify SEO Headers And Make The Designers Happy With This Easy Trick

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 17, 2009

Officially, SEO best practices say you can’t use those beautiful branded fonts in that pictures-of-text for your headings. And conversion best practices say that you may not always want to use keywords in the headings – just use whatever converts best. So wrapping an image with keyword-rich text in h1 tags is not the solution.

So how do you make the web designers and brand managers and conversion experts and SEO pros play nice and get along?
Make the SEO boss and force the others to do his bidding, lest he throws fire and brimstone at them from his raging chariot, duh.

More seriously, here’s a neat little workaround. (more…)

Google Chief Economist Hal Varian And I Think Alike

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 7, 2009

From this interview with Google’s Chief Economist, Hal Varian, I found out that the Borgle’s leading economist (and California university professor) has also noticed the trend towards data commodification(more…)

Ecommerce Widgets And More – Scratchpad Video

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 23, 2009


SEO ROI’s Strange Problem With Maintaining Rankings

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 21, 2009

Over the past year, I’ve had this site rank for a number of terms, after blogging about them, mostly on the strength of its own domain authority. The catch is that over time, (more…)

An SEO Extension You’ve Probably Never Considered

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 20, 2009

A while back someone in the search community recommended I get a form fill extension (more…)

How Link Buying Should Evolve In 2009

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 6, 2009

Link buying advice often sounds something like, “Get links from relevant sites and pages for the greatest boost to your rankings.” Link buying advice is often wrong.

According to everyone’s favorite content network guru, keyword selection on the content network needs to be based on demographics. That’s why I saw the following weight-loss ads on a page that had nothing to do with weight loss, and nor did the site hosting the page. (more…)

Social Media Analytics Via The FriendFeed API

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 4, 2009

I’ve written before about what I see as the correct paradigm for measuring social media success: the strength of the relationships you’ve built. I’ve been aware of FriendFeed for a while, but I wasn’t aware of what it was precise. And more importantly, I didn’t know that it had an API.

I’m aware of both now. So FYI: you can create a basic social media analytics software/platform. (more…)

Those Who Cannot Think, Do. Those Who Can Think, Teach.

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 30, 2008

That’s a pretty inflammatory statement, isn’t it? But why is it any less inflammatory than “Those who can do. Those who cannot teach.” You hear that all the time in internet marketing circles (especially affiliate ones) and it’s pretty silly. (more…)

The Growth of the Content Middle Man

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 24, 2008

Kevin Kelly recently wrote about how you can sell something that might otherwise be obtained for free. I disagree with his premises: (more…)

How Navigation Peekaboo Converts SEO Traffic Better

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 22, 2008

Standard conversion advice says remove navigation from the landing page (at least for lead generation landers). Standard SEO says use links. The next best thing would be to put the navigation out of sight, in the footer, and have your calls to action above that so visitors won’t use your navigation to leave your page.

But if you put the nav in the footer, it might get less search engine trust, precisely because folks don’t use footer navigation. What’s a conversion minded SEO to do? Here are 4 options to play navigation peekaboo with search engines and humans to convert your SEO traffic better. Blackhats use some forms of this, but I think I’ve also thought of original twists too. (more…)

Funny Query Of The Day (From Logs)

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 20, 2008

“ROI- are you kidding! did Columbus know what the ROI was before he went out and discovered the new world?”

Sounds like an inhouse sem tasked with doing SEO projections.

Idea: Use Crowd Clout To Cheapen Online Marketing Expenses

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, November 6, 2008

What is crowd clout? It’s a trend identified by Trend Watching whereby consumers congregate at a given merchant’s store and get a discount for buying in bulk. As I was reading Inc magazine’s article on a restaurant saving money and again when I dropped by Cesar Serna’s blog , I was reminded of this idea I had to adapt the restaurant’s technique and crowd clout to online marketing. (more…)

What “Remarkable” Means, Statistically

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, November 2, 2008

This post is about search… but first, a little anecdote. I was playing poker with some buddies this weekend, and it reminded me of a thought I have often had about my friend Jon’s bluffs: he’s very successful at finding that threshold “pain level” above which our other friend Will and I are hesitant to call the bluff. That is, he knows what the minimum raise is that he needs to make to intimidate us out of the pot. Typically it’s about 3-4 times the big blind. (more…)

Improve Your Link Building Reporting With A Free Report Template

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 28, 2008

Get the lowdown on my post at Youmoz. The template’s already had over 250 downloads! And on a related note, Internal Link Building just crossed the 2500 download mark!

Big Fish Own Thought Currents Easily

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 23, 2008

Aaron Wall hasn’t written extensively on WP blog security in the past, to my knowledge. However, he knows it’s a topic likely to be popular with the general blogger community and not too technical to push them away, while still being meaty and fresh enough to appeal to his regular SEO audience. (more…)

Facebook CPApplication Recruitment Agency: Search Independent Business #3

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, October 12, 2008

Facebook offers the best demographic and niche targeting in existence on any ad network, anywhere. Is it any surprise, therefore, that it’s an extremely fertile grounds for recruiting? Here’s how a recruitment agency developed around Facebook ads could become a major player in the staff hiring game. (more…)

Growing Online Business Trend: Commodification of Data

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, September 29, 2008

In the past few years, the three big engines have spent big dollars on acquiring data. Now free and/or affordable tools are making search data available to any SEO with a few bucks to spare. In this post, I’d like to share with you what I see as an emerging trend and one around which new businesses can be built. (more…)

Search-Independent Businesses Webmaster-Entrepreneurs Can Start

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, September 26, 2008

With Google preparing to monopolize online shopping, webmasters everywhere need to be asking themselves what businesses they can build independent of those odd entities we call search engines. Over the next few days/weeks, I will share some back-of-the-envelope business models I’ve considered but not implemented for lack of time. Today I’m going to share a Facebook app idea adapted from Lucas Ng’s original take. (more…)

Google’s Conspiracy To Monopolize Online Shopping

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, September 22, 2008

What do Google’s search-within-search, the Google Affiliate Network, and Google Suggest have to do with each other? It’s all about Google’s transformation from being a bridge and toll-gate on the information superhighway to being bridge, toll-gate, and destination! (more…)

Google Maps: Listings Still Merged; Centroid Losing Prominence?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, August 20, 2008

I wrote a while back that Google Maps Guide Jen offered a way to demerge merged listings in Google Maps. Well, while things seem to have gotten better, it appears that the filtering on Google Maps still isn’t perfected. Consider (more…)

Domains Are NOT Real Estate, KW Research as I. Property: Internet Law Experts Speak Out!

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, August 18, 2008

Are domain names the internet’s real estate? Can keyword research be considered intellectual property? I put these and other questions to Eric Goldman and Mark J Rosenberg, both of whom are speaking on SES San Jose’s legal panel. (Clarification: This is an interview, not coverage of an SES session.)

40+ Metric F***Tons Of Awesome Resources

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, August 11, 2008

While I’m usually not the one to swear on a professional blog, there are exceptional occasions where it’s appropriate, and this is one of them. I’m waaaaaay overdue for a links post, and there are so many quality ones here, that I had to use my affiliate friend’s expression. (more…)

25 Most Rehashed Posts I Never Want To See Frontpage Sphinn Ever Again

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, July 27, 2008

25) 25 Tips on writing good titles. (more…)

3 New Uses For

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, July 25, 2008

Besides cloning expired sites (being sure to buy the rights to stay legal, of course; hat tip Stephan Spencer),’s Wayback Machine has plenty of uses. Here are some I’ve Wayback Machine (more…)

Want To Design For Me?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, July 14, 2008

I’m looking for some landing pages to be designed and coded up as WordPress pages. Why? So that I can grow my network of idea distributors. Go join the fun!

The Economics of Success (Or How To Launch A New Site Per Aaron and Giovanna Wall)

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg,

In the world of business, lots of figures are thrown around. There’s a whole school of thought in the world of investing that only looks at a company’s financial statements and decides whether or not to buy their stock based on those numbers. The most important factor of all, (more…)

2.5M Executable Files in Google’s Index

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, July 11, 2008

There are about 2.5 million executable files in Google’s index:
“Results 1 – 10 of about 2,470,000 for filetype:exe” – (more…)

Measure Distribution to Project Content-Focused Link Building

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 23, 2008

Aaron Wall claimed, in Strategic Content Based Link Building, that you could gain $10,000 worth of links with two days of work. That’s a lot of hyperbole, which goes back to how I didn’t make 3K in a week. My 3K post and my criticism in the comments on Aaron’s post is at the heart of this post’s idea(more…)

Ranking Factors: How Engineers Perceive Usefulness

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 17, 2008

David Mihm – web designer and local seo extraordinaire – recently asked me to participate in his local SEO ranking factors survey. And it got me thinking as to how a search engineer might consider the usefulness in ranking sites of any particular factor. Let’s see what the thought process in this part of a search engineer’s workday is like. (more…)

Analytics & Attribution: Which Source Gets Credit For the Conversion?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 16, 2008

The answer came to me while reading up on advertising. Studies show it takes a certain frequency – most people place it around 7 times – for an ad and its message to be remembered. It would obviously be silly to just credit the last impression for finally getting the target consumer to get the advertiser’s point when the other 6 clearly were part of the process. Yet that’s a question many pro marketers have! (more…)

Maps Guide Jen Suggested How to Demerge Listings; I’ve Just Been a Lazy Ass

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 11, 2008

Ok, I’ve actually been to SMX Advanced, where I spoke, celebrated my 21st birthday, during which I devoured delicious homemade cake (thanks mom!), been helping Jewelry fix their SEO issues, which meant auditing and now planning implementation, and handling other stuff too besides!

After regaling you all with the wonderfully exciting tale of what I’ve been up to for the past week and change, I feel I should also clarify that Google maps guide Jen has suggested a solution (more…)

How To Do Retargeting Cheaply and Build Branded Search Demand

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, June 8, 2008

At SMX West (yes, West; I’ll talk about the awesomeness that was SMX Advanced soon), one of the most interesting things I learned was that an advertiser who spent $30,000 on banners saw a 20% lift in branded search. When you consider how well branded search converts, that’s good news, especially if that demand lasts (for the caveats on measuring true branded search ROI see “What Every SEO Needs to Know About Branded Search“). This post is going to explain how you can use the link graph to get similar lifts in your branded search(more…)

Handy Dandy Resources: Diamonds in the Rough Posts and Tools

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, May 28, 2008

Big ideas and food for thought:

Google Has Too Much Power

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, May 25, 2008

Michael Gray has an insightful comment on Google’s reaction to Lyndon’s linkbait hoax story: Google has too much power. This quote in particular struck a chord with me: (more…)

Buying Sites? Use Trusts To Avoid Google Domain Demolitions

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, May 9, 2008

At the Domain Roundtable, Matt Cutts said that Google will cut down any sites that get sold back to zero ranking value. So after a site has built up SEO strength for a few years, the asset could be worthless on the search market because Google – which controls the overwhelming majority of North American and most Western search – makes the rules.

This is clearly unfair to webmasters. Not to mention that the Fortune 500 are again on a different playing field, because their purchases are just mergers and acquisitions, not “site purchases”… (more…)

Would You Attend a Greyhat SEO Panel?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, May 7, 2008

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’ll bet that conference organizers would too. So go share your thoughts at Sphinn (and feel free to sphinn the discussion ;) ) on whether you’d attend a greyhat SEO panel at SMX/SES/Sphinncon/Pubcon/SEM Canada etc. (more…)

How to Find Competitors’ Keywords For Your SEO & PPC

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, May 2, 2008

Want to find out competitors’ keywords? Here’s how to find what keywords competitors use on their sites – and protect your own!


30 Lovely Resources and Helpful Links

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 29, 2008

You’re likely to see some of these in future posts here and aroud the various lovely places that take my stories. So check out as many of them as you have time for, cuz there are some real sweet ones in here.

Diorex doesn’t blog anymore, so Smaxor republished some of his classics. (more…)

Use Geography and Typos to Find More Link Sources

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 23, 2008

Two techniques I’ve thought of recently to modify the traditional “look at the top 100 to find targets” link building technique: (more…)

Value Links And Understand Search Like Matt Cutts With Submarine Crawling

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 22, 2008

Welcome Search Newz visitors! It seems that Search Newz’s syndicated version of my article, “If You Listened When Google Announced Submarine Crawling,” which follows up the one you’re seeing now, forgot to link to an important Matt Cutts video. So there’s the link to help you out. Anyways, on with the show – here’s what submarine crawling is all about, as interpreted from Matt Cutts’ explanations.

Matt Cutts’ post and this Webmaster Central post recently explained that “high quality” sites are being given special treatment – submarine crawling.

We all know that links from high quality sites are more valuable than those from average or mediocre sites. Now, Matt and Google have given us a new measurement for finding high quality sites – submarine crawling – and thus high quality link prospects.

Russian Submarine

Russian Submarine courtesy of Orpheus Grey.

So WHAT is Submarine Crawling? (more…)

No, I Won’t Vote For You. Yes, I Know You Voted For My Last Post.

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 11, 2008

I’m in a crap situation, and I need to learn to say no. First, because saying yes is eating into my own time and second because I’m embarassed to admit that I voted for friends’ submissions that were average and not really deserving of votes. (more…)

Scratchpad: Email Link Exchange Spam That Isn’t Spam & Real Links

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, April 2, 2008

First, I present to you this amusing little email: (more…)

Aaron Wall on Growth Areas, Independent Webmastering, Hiring and More (Interview)

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 26, 2008

Aaron Wall is a teacher, SEO, marketing expert and generally a very bright guy [obviously, he agreed to do an interview with me ;) ]. Beyond the site we all know and love, he’s also the man behind Search Engine HistoryBlackhat SEO and a variety of others. Most of you reading this probably know these things, so let’s just move on with the interview. As always, there’ll be free dofollow links in updates to the post for intelligent comments and particularly if you find the source for some of these questions…

1) Where do you think are the most promising areas for testing and experimenting, as far as discovering new, actionable SEO insights?

  • I think studying psychology and sociology are key areas for growth. (more…)

The Sneakiest Text Link Ad Disguise Or How To Pass Any/All Human Reviews

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 19, 2008

Google AdSense Here’s another Greyhat SEO idea for you, ladies and gents. The sneakiest text link ad disguise ever! It’s a true Sherlock Holmes who’ll see through this disguise. If you enjoy this post, there’s plenty more where it came from (i.e. the greyhatidea and linkbuilding archives), so do subscribe ;) . Update: Many people reading this want to hide their link destination using javascript. See here.

Google AdSense unit image courtesy of Frank O’Dwyer.


  1. Put Adsense on the page from which you want to sell/buy a text link.
  2. Take a screenshot (more…)

Scratchpad: Questions, Reputation Management, Domains and PPC

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 17, 2008

Scratchpad, for those of you who don’t know, is my informal column. Take the ideas for what they’re worth and ignore the style.


Q1: What is the best measure of attention equity? Links? Daily visitors? Repeat visitors? Subscribers? Trends in the prior statistics? Something else?

Q2: Is scannable content contributing to (more…)

The Independent Webmaster’s Manifesto

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, March 7, 2008

  • If knowledge is power;
  • If information is knowledge;
  • And if Google is organizing – and, more importantly, distributing – the world’s information;

Then isn’t Google the single most powerful organization in the world?


3 SEO Strategies (Not Tactics) To Make You Think

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 20, 2008

I wanted to write about bigger picture strategies – plans featuring big ideas – rather than tactics. What follows is a mix of such plans and big picture ideas that, while not quite tactics, don’t fit as strategy either. At the same time, I’m trying to be more concise, so this is shorter than other things I’ve been writing. (more…)

How I Made $3000 This Week and You Can Too!

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 18, 2008

Actually, I didn’t. And that’s why this post matters. (more…)

Gab & SEO ROI’s Charity Awards for Search Education (Cases)

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 17, 2008

I’m a BookwormReally. So I’d say I’m reasonably well-placed to give out some Charity Awards for for Search Education. The way it’s going to work is that everyone who wins an award gets a shiny badge and has their name added to the donation I’m making to the Africa Is Real charity. They’re a Montreal group started by some friends I met at the OWN conference.Book Stack (more…)

SEO Consultants: The Good, The Rad and The Sexy

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 4, 2008

Do you know your SEO consultants? Read this through for your guide to the good, the rad and the sexy of internet marketing’s most in demand professional – the SEO consultant(more…)

Link Buying, Anchor Grams, UGC, Persuasive Influences and Linking Oot n Aboot – Scratchpad

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, February 2, 2008

Today’s scratchpad is going to cover some new how to ideas in link building, the ROI on Google’s user generated content (UGC) properties, influence and then do some linking oot n aboot. If you enjoy this, please subscribe(more…)

3 New Metrics To Waste 30 More Hours A Week On

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 31, 2008

I was chatting with Ann (she of the SEO Smarts) the other day about measuring social media efforts. What follows are a few ideas on how measure that, as well as a related metric that might help you identify linkerati who’ve visited your blog. If you like this post, I encourage you to subscribe. My other material is just like this. (more…)

The Truth About Influence

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 29, 2008

Duncan Watts claims that the Influentials theory is nonsense, yet if he were to think critically about his own work, he’d see that there are many flaws to it. (Hat tip to Maki for sphinning the Fast Company piece on Watts.) Influence still matters.

Yahoo email adWas Mass Marketing Effective Or Was It Personal Networks Operating? (more…)

4 Great Linkbait Ideas Free for the Taking

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 25, 2008

I’ve guest-posted at Dave Harris’ Huomah, sharing some linkbait ideas I had lying around for linkbait pieces which you’re welcome to develop! If you like it, also please do Sphinn the post. It also ties in to guest-writing I did at Pandia on succesful linkbait’s characteristics. And speaking of influencing people to link to you and/or sphinn your stuff, check out my most recent article, On Motivation and Influence. If you like it, a sphinn would also be appreciated. I put about a dozen hours into it and am really proud of that, so it would mean a lot if you could help it go hot.

Besides all that, I’m going to make the traditional invitation for you to sphinn that too ;).

Check those out, and if you like them, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed if you like my materail ;)

On Motivation and Influence or Be Nice to the Loner Kid Lest He Destroy Your Reputation

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, January 23, 2008

Frozen Motivation (Ice Cream)What follows is a letter I wrote late one night out of anger, frustration, depression, pain and a desire to get my feelings off my chest so that I could finally fall asleep. I’ll be using it to illustrate and explain the two most important elements of human behaviour: motivation and influence.
The former is the explanation as to why someone behaves a certain way, and the latter explains (more…)

Cloning Expired Sites: Blackhat Tactics and Whitehat Strategies Don’t Mix, But Greyhats Eat the Cake

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 28, 2007

Eli wrote about desert scraping, which is the practice of digging around expired sites on, grabbing their content and reposting it on your own sites. Cloning expired sites is a similar idea that (more…)

Does Aggressive Ad Publishing Decrease PageRank?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, December 11, 2007

I know that aggressive ad positioning, especially when your site is new, are a flag for spam with Google’s algorithms. I created a blog on fishing once that had ads in the topleft and in much of the sidebar, which led to me having to make it through a Captcha for each post. What’s interesting to me now is the question, does aggressive ad publishing decrease PageRank? (more…)

Mikkel deMib Svendsen on SEO Business Models

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, November 15, 2007

Mikkel deMib Svendsen is an expert SEM and he’s been kind enough to share his thoughts with me on SEO business models. Interestingly, he’s going against the popular grain (more…)

55% Facebook Users Have Shopped, Bought Online This Past Year

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, September 11, 2007

A Further 26% Shop Online and Make Their Purchases Offline

Facebook Polling has discovered that 55% of Facebook users aged 35-49 have shopped and bought at least a couple of things online this year. Those who said that they shop and buy online regularly comprised the largest group of poll respondents, at 31%. This new data reveals a trend away from the scepticism about ecommerce that was more prevalent in past years.

The poll, conducted through Facebook by search engine optimization and internet marketing firm SEO ROI, reveals growing comfort with ecommerce amongst consumers. (more…)

Can SEO be Automated?

Author: Gabriel Goldenberg, September 6, 2007

A question I’ve been asked a lot recently is “Can SEO be automated? Can I just get some software or hardware that’ll do the job automatically and get my site ranked at the top of the SERPs for my keywords?”

No, you can’t automate it.

First of all, search engine optimization’s foundation and core is about building links. Take the example of Google-bombing, where many people link to a certain webpage with the same anchor text, in a concerted attempt to have that page rank for the words in the anchor text, even though that page is not trying to rank for those keywords. This technique was succesfully used on several occasions and serves to demonstrate the power of link-building.

Now consider how you go about building those links. (more…)