Tricky April Fool’s Email Prank For Internet Marketers

Author: Gab Goldenberg

You all know I hate spam email. And chances are you get annoyed by those too. But people don’t have a problem with opt-in email newsletters … or do they? Here’s an April Fools trick to get your friends spammed by legitimate email newsletters!Jester
Attribution-NonCommercial License by Tancread

Perhaps subliminally inspired by Air Canada’s opt-out spam emails, I’ve come up with a way to opt-in your friends to those legitimate newsletters that use a double opt-in technique! You can co-opt legitimate companies with non-spam email newsletters, into sending spam to your friends!

Here are the steps to play this April Fool’s Prank on your friends.

1. Create a dummy email account.

2. Sign up for a bunch of email newsletters.

3. Login to your email.

4. Open the newsletter opt-in confirmation emails and click the confirmation links.

5. During the week preceding April 1st, forward the dummy email account to your friend’s email.

Imagine your friend’s surprise when all these legit-looking newsletters flood their inbox on April 1st! “Dude, WTF?!” Of course, unless you’re a jerk, you should immediately unforward the address after the 1st, which will have the effect of removing your friend’s email address from all those people’s lists.

To me, this is more fun theory than practice, and perhaps an email expert might point out that this doesn’t work for some reason. But the creativity aspect of coming up with this kind of sneakiness is amusing to me :). Kind of like my greyhat SEO posts…

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Author: sroiadmin