Presentation on Facebook Ads | NOT An “Advertising Presentation”

I presented “Facebook Advertising and Reputation Management” at FacebookCamp Montreal yesterday. It was my first time presenting at a conference (or “unconference,” rather, to use the words of the generous Sylvain Carle of Praized and Frog in the Valley) and I was pretty nervous just before starting.

It didn’t help that I had to revamp my presentation because of Facebook changing its ad platform radically (see the new Facebook Ads) just the day before and me finding out 4 hours ahead of game time!

Read on to see what I did right (nothing), wrong (everything) and the slides from my presentation!

Facebook Advertising Presentation | View

So how did it go? On the whole, I gave a coherent presentation though it feels in hindsight like I zipped through it trying to fit all my content on the old ads, new ads, the origin of the new ads plus reputation management into the allotted 5 minutes (I was on the demo panel). In particular, I would have liked to spend more time explaining the new ad platform and how the self-serve flyers are essentially the same, but I got a little caught up in my case study data.

[Aside: speaking of case data, I’d like to thank Valleywag for it’s excellent series on Facebook’s rate cards. I used some of the material in my own presentation to demonstrate that what’s now being done is essentially a mutation of the previous offering to large advertisers that cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s now available to the common mortal for a lunch money or less. Hence the slide: Free, or ‘Free Hundred K? (Kidding around with friends who mispronounce three…)]

Also, I wanted to emphasize the new Facebook Beacon ad technology which will be, imho, a humongous hit with advertisers. Essentially, through the use of cookies, advertisers have Facebook users publish stories to the news feed when they take action on the site. The advertiser can then post related ads which will also be in the feed or in the traditional advertising location.

If I had to do it over (read: here’s the takeaway for you, my fellow speaker-circuit newbies), I would have reduced how much content I had. There were 13 slides and it was obviously too much. Also, I’d have fewer points per slide and the points I did have would be broader ones. For example, I had a whole slide on Flyers. I could have made that one point on a slide about the old ad platform, including points on the big-brand advertising on the same slide.

Given 5 minutes again, I’d probably do 5 slides of content plus an opener and one or two “picture slides” – you need to break up the text. Another thing that I’d do different would be to present standing up, walking around the audience’s first rows and pointing at the relevant things.

Beyond that, I arrived a little late to Facebook Camp but still on time to hear the marketing panel (as opposed to the marketing demo panel, on which I was on later in the night). It was moderated Thane Calder of Cloudraker (great moderating, Thane!), and featured Olivier Soussy of Radio-Canada (strong, fair insights), Andrea Stairs of eBay, Vlad Stesin of Fjord and Jean-Jacques Streleski of Publicis.

Jean-Jacques was one of the most interesting, going against the grain as he was a huge Facebook user but not sure if the ad opportunity on Facebook was worth it. Olivier Soussy made some good points about how Facebook was another media platform to advertise on, like others including his Radio-Canada. Interestingly, he didn’t expect R-C to launch a Facebook App a la NYTimes. It was a terrific session.

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Jean-Jacques was kidding Vlad (right foreground) about advertising shampoo to him, hehe :) .

On a related note, when I asked Andrea about plans for an eBay application, she said they already had two, including one that sounded like it provided Beacon functionality… impressive! Vlad had some intelligent things to say as well but these have been overshadowed by my mind’s willingness to retain different stuff… Sorry!

FacebookCamp Montreal closed with a session featuring Sebastien (also of Praized – see his blog), Sylvain, Martin Lessard (whom I met at the last Yulbiz and is exceptionally well connected in the marketing press!) and Bruno Boutot. It was moderated by Julien Smith, a fellow search marketer! (Who also trusts Microsoft more than Google :D !)

There were some good points made, especially by Sebastien regarding whether this will cross the threshold into spam (I think Facebook users generally are voyeuristic, which is why the newsfeed is still around despite the loud criticism of it as stalkerish). Personally, based on the newsfeed experience, I doubt it will. Brune also had a bunch of great French expressions and made it quite entertaining. Not to mention Julien’s making funny cracks about Berri UQAM metro! The nice running joke that turned into! And naturally, Sylvain explained the how he can be Post-Facebook and yet organize a Facebook unconference.

All in all, giving my advertising presentation at Facebook Camp Montreal was a great first speaking experience. Luckily, the crowd wasn’t too big, though it was pretty tough – there were some good jokes made by others that got no laughs! So I wasn’t overwhelmed and I enjoyed it, a lot. Besides that, I’m particularly thankful to Sylvain for giving me a shot at presenting. He didn’t have to, and he doesn’t even know me all that well nor for that long, but he gave me an opportunity and I’m very grateful to him. Here’s another link, you maverick!

Footnote: There may be reputation management opportunities helping users with nude Facebook pics.

Author: sroiadmin