The Biggest, Baddest, Resource Bonanza Bar None!

Here’s my effort to share original resources that haven’t received wide attention/link love on other blogs. Hence I haven’t shared Aaron Wall’s tools (how useful would one more mention be?), Xenu Link Sleuth or SEOmoz’s tools (though I had to put them in the Friends section). Here is search marketing’s BIGGEST, BADDEST, RESOURCE BONANZA BAR NONE! (If you enjoy it, subscribe – there’s lots more where this came from ;) .)

The SEO Business

What makes Web sites credible?

Proposal layout and design

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Proposal More Competitive

Canada Business – Starting a Consulting Business – Interesting item for my fellow SEO consultants here

SEM Pricing Models

Top 10 Business Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make

The Secret Motivations that Drive Your Customers

The Freelancer’s Guide to Setting Perfect Deadlines

Small Business B2B Marketing: How to Monetize Your Expertise


How to use WordPress to Run a Magazine Or News Website

Creating An Authority RSS Count + Secret RSS Booster Tip

99 Headline Techniques Revealed

How to Make Every Word You Write Unputdownable

Contact Form WordPress Plugins

46 Things To Do Before Launching a Blog Network

Get your internal linking straight: Blog Navigation WordPress Plugins: Related, Recent, Most Popular Posts and More

10 Techniques I Used To Go From 0 To 12,000 RSS Subscribers In Seven Months – With No Ads Or Leverage

34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog

Category Base Removal Plugin Finally! Remove /category/ from your WP permalinks.


Buy Branded Keywords? A Case Study on Traffic, Conversion, and RPV

Keyword Inspiration – Aaron Wall of shares his secrets

Keyword Scrubbing Get the gunk out of your list!

Content – Thousands of Full-Text Free Books – Did anyone say free inspiration? Or for the shadier folks…

In a similar vein, try Creative Commons Search

8 Great Places to Find Interview Subjects

Marketing Trends: 21+ Websites for Finding What’s Hot

Link Building and Buying

30 Link Buying Tips – Brian Chappell shares the secret sauce and yours truly chips in with some extras in the comments.

New link tool to find your competitor’s most linked pages

Michael Gray Interview: Advanced Link Strategies

How to Get More Bookmarks and Better Links – He knows that of which he speaks. This is being written using my bookmarks!

Link Attraction Factors Keyword Tool Holy sheeeeet that’s impressive and original, Dan!

LAF Title Check

102 Ways To Make Your Site A Back-Link Superstar

Video and Social Media

The Definitive List of French-Canadian Social Media – Kinda sad that I found out about what’s going on here from a Toronto firm lol. Great post anyways!

How To Do YouTube Video View Optimization Part 1

User Contributed-Making Money With A Video Blog

Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube

The Drupal SEO Tutorial

50+ Resources for Utilizing StumbleUpon Effectively

Sphinn, Mixx and other social sites’ credibility – Voting for vapor.

Social Network Ad Spending and Return on Investment

Technical and Miscellaneous

Competitor Analysis

How to fuck up click tracking with the JavaScript onclick trigger

Controlling Your Referer, and Hiding Your Traffic Sources : Slightly Shady SEO v straight Enforce www. Preference

Interview of Eli from Blue Hat

Earl Grey – The co-creater of Syndk8 BlackHat Seo Forums

11 Tips for Appearing at Google Definitions

Portrait of an INTP Apparently this is me. Some parallels, but to be taken with a grain of salt. Interesting for the sake of making personas; possibly useful as a template.

EEE Spectrum: The Gray Areas of Search-Engine Law

50 Questions to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

Online Reputation Management: What You Need to Know

Garr Reynolds/Presentations

Advancing Advanced Search – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Advanced free tell-a-friend script with popup code

Create your Google Sitemap Online – XML Sitemaps

Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)


SpeedPPC – Pay Per Click Marketing at Warp Speed

Paid Search Campaign Tools and Analytics

Free eBook from Google: AdWords Textbook

Clix Marketing’s Favorite PPC Blogs David Szetela knows his PPC, so this list of his is high praise for those that are on it.

70 Quick Tests to Get More Conversions Out of AdWords – My friend James Zol knows his conversion rate optimization he does!

* Coming soon: What I learned from SMX’s PPC sessions.


Spamproof Your Site Web Application Security Lab

The Unsuspecting Recruit: Why every SEO MUST learn Internet security

reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books Blogs are good too :).

Guarding Your WordPress Blog


Top 3 (Free!) Domain Name Generator Decent stuff, have used ‘em myself to an extent. I find the following more useful though:

Bulk Domain Appraisal and Keyword Research Tool by

Making It In The Domain Industry -2007 Edition but still current

Namepros – I love this community for its generosity in teaching me.

Landing Pages and Affiliate Stuff

Custom Capture Pages

Should I Launch My Website With an Affiliate Program?

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Design Services

Landing Page Design for Pay Per Click PPC – Useful Links to Research

Keeb’s Landing Pages

10 tips for sign-up forms

How to Hide My Identity

Landing Page Optimization Video: Keep Readers Moving Down the Sales Funnel

Camouflage Your Links First place I heard about the technique.

How to Scale a Campaign

How to: Build an Affiliate Site You Can Sell for $1M — Tropical SEO

Google AdWords Landing Pages – how to build a page that won’t get banned, with examples


WordPress Membership Plugin at WPBOARD.Com

WordPress Plug-In to sell subscriptions

Member Benefits | FAST Membership Sites

Membership Academy: Membership site software comparisons, reviews, forums and videos, start-up guide.

How to Change the World: The Art of Creating a Community

How To Build A Community Of Brand Enthusiasts


Rand, Rebecca, Jane, Scott, Jeff, Sarah et co. – SEOmoz (I owe them so much! Hard to put in words how much I appreciate these guys and their site!)

Ann Smarty – SEO Smarty and Social Ninja

Bill Hilton – Copywriting

Susan Gunelius – Branding

Sebastian X – SEO techie

Peter Meyers – Usability Expert

Critchlows n a Riley – Distilled Reputation Management Pros

Linda Bustos – Ecommerce Maven

Hamlet Batista – SEO Expert

Sean Maguire – Search Matters

Vinny Goldsmith – Real Estate SEO Pro

Avinash Kaushik – Analytics Guru

XMCP – Slightly blackhat SEO and general nice guy

Michelle Blanc – Montreal Marketing Guru

Sylvain Carle – Frog in the Valley (started when he was in Silicon Valley)

Claude Malaison – Quebec’s Danny Sullivan; organizes Webcom

Nicolas Cossette, Guillaume Bouchard – Montreal Social Media and NVI SEO

Muriel Ide, Guillaume Brunet et co. – Association de Marketing de Montreal

Jean-François Renaud – Adviso SEO

Jim Hedger – SEO Author and Veteran

SugarRae – Veteran Affiliate & SEO

Todd Malicoat – Superstar SEO Consultant

Li Evans – SEO Guru

Marty Weintraub – SEO Pros and Facebook case studies

Andrew Shotland – Local SEO Expert

Gyutae Park – Money Makin’ Blogger

Chris Winfield – SEO & Press Darling

Jeff Quipp – Bright Search Engine People (& Press Darlings)

Tamar Weinberg – Power Socialite

Barry Welford – SEO formerly in the snow, now in the rain ;)

Christine O’Kelly – Self Made Chick Copywriting

Lindsey Walsh – PPC Management Expert

Per Koch – SEO Vet

Damian Finlay – Epiar Keyword Champs

Lisa Williams – Florida SEM and SMX Buddy

Jordan Kasteler – “Young Gun of SEO” W000T.

John Carcutt – Applied SEO

Amy Konefal, Sandra Niehaus – PPC and landing page buddies from SMX. Plus Sandy co-wrote Web Design 4 ROI with Lance Loveday, their CEO at Closed Loop Marketing

Harrison Gevirtz – Young Gun Super Affiliate & PPC Expert

Chris Silver Smith – SEO Strategist

Andy Beal – SEO Business Coaching and SMX Connection

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