OMG More Links! – The Marios Alexandrou Edition

Since the first time he impressed me with his SEO experiments, Marios Alexandrou of All Things SEM has consistently been one of the people whose blogging I most respect for being original and intelligent. He won’t rehash old stuff everyone’s said… he’ll make a statistical analysis of what topics come up most frequently, tie it to Matt’s blog posts, and thus prove that Matt is really the center of the [SEO] universe ;D. Unfortunately, I’m lazy about using my Feedreader, so I don’t get to enjoy his writing as often as I should. But I got into it today and found these little gems:

Is Browserank the new PageRank –  It’s crazy how MSFT’s people can be so damn intelligent in recognizing what makes a good algo … yet still not be able to execute and deliver good search results. The timing is especially amusing with this week’s Search Wiki hoopla and my friend’s great post on Borgle’s User Data Empire.

Still, on the Algo binge, Marios has this bit on using statistical models to determine whether a page is a spam. He does a nice job simplifying stuff and explaining it clearly, for those of us who could care less about the math formulas and jargon.

Marios must also have been an HR person in a previous life (that’s HR for Human Resources, or what we in search like to call HumanRank). Despite his claim, his post is not strictly for search folks, but he’s got some nice career tips to get you through the recession. If you dig through his archives, he’s got loads of these HR posts.

@ Marios – we need to hang out at the next trade show dude!

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Author: sroiadmin