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Author: Gab Goldenberg

I’m currently being worn out by a confluence of taxes, client work, personal projects and preparations for SMX Advanced. So please excuse the disorganization of this blog rolling post. Consider it a scratchpad link love post, if you will.

Is your site a one-visit wonder? by Ben McKay, UK SEO Consultant. See also SEP’s 3 Ways to Get PPL Talking About You – by Cindy Alvarez, product manager and user experience pro.

Google Maps: Manic Merging of Business Listings due to Algo Change

Reports: US Dept. Of Justice Looking At Antitrust Issues Over Google Books Lawsuit

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Affiliate Banners

10 Reasons Readers Don’t Leave Comments – Well that clarifies a bunch of stuff! via:

27 Must-Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers [Day 6 – 31DBBB]

Recovering Journalist: What Will Happen When the Presses Go Silent? Found via:

What Happens to the Local Ecosystem if the Local Newspaper Shuts Down

Do you know what heuristic means? It’s a stupid usability-slang word for ‘rules’ or ‘principles’. E.g. the ‘principles of usability’. A heuristic review is basically an expert checking your site’s usability against their checklist of best practices. Ok, that’s oversimplifying, and ignoring the [very real] value of usability pros, but anyways, now you know what it means. That bugged me forever…

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation: How-To

Buying sitesSelling? Check out Richard Kershaw’s newsletter on the topic (via the ‘buying sites’ link).

Creating Passionate Users: What comes after usability?

3 ways to use an a/b split test (Billy’s Optimization Guide Part 1)

Proof: Spammer with Billions of Indexed Pages Moves Traffic – Old but awe-inspiring.

RedAlkemi : Google Hilltop Algorithm : Hilltop Update and Analysis Equally old but probably even more applicable today. Via SEO Book.

Think you know how to write a headline? I’ll bet this headline-copywriting video tutorial by my friend Paul Robb teaches you a thing or two. I learned a lot from it!

Also, my buddy Marty Weintraub got to interview Danny Sullivan. Nice read :).

But perhaps the best of all is this interview with Ralph Tegtmeier aka Fantomaster. I LOVE this quote, in response to Eric Schmidt calling the web a cesspool: “My only reasonable comment on this one is: ‘garbage in, garbage out’…” ZING! Haha, :D.

What blogs are you subscribed to? What tags or categories do you like stumbling? Are there particular advanced internet marketing topics you’d like me to cover?  Of course, this also allows me to slip in the mandatory call to action about how you should add my RSS feed to your reader ;).

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