Carnival of the Capitalists

We’ve got an absolutely massive Carnival of the Capitalists this week, so fasten your belt because this is going to be one massive post! Also, just before we begin, thank you to Jay of Biz O’ Sphere for letting me host.

As a host this week, I tried to include everyone that made an honest effort at contributing something worthwhile. I left outposts that were valueless or else more focused on link-building than contributing something worthwhile to readers (easily noticeable by the commercial names/natures of the blogs).

I’ll be honest and admit that there was a handful I didn’t read at all and some that I skimmed. Overall, though, I did try and read as many and possible and provide at least some feedback on each. There are a handful of other reasons why your post may not have been included. Please don’t waste your time commenting to ask why. An answer isn’t forthcoming and your comment isn’t making it through moderation. Trust me – if it was worthwhile, it was published.

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American Entrepreneur presents the problem with Quixtar and Amway? at American Entrepreneurship. Those are multi-level-marketing schemes, aka pyramid schemes. You refer people who then refer other people and so on. If you didn’t start the scam, err, scheme, you’re not going to make money. Believe me – my cousin tried and had pretty much the same experience as what was described. And a friend of mine was recently taken in by the jerks of ACN.

Mark at Sports Biz shares with us that recent success and strong local roots can make for a stronger brand than being in a big media market or being a dynasty. (Susan, there’s some fodder for Brand Curve readers, no? Update: Mark, Susan is Susan Gunelius, the brilliant blogger behind Brand Curve (and others).)

Tim’s got a bigger picture type of post that I find really interesting, personally. He asks whether our concern should be on inequality or on raising everyone’s standard of living?
“Now, if it is a side effect of such growth that inequality increases (remember though, we’re not saying here that the poor get poorer: rather that the rich get richer faster than the poor do, leading to higher living standards all around, but greater inequality), is that a price worth paying for that increased growth?”

David of the Voluntary Exchange tells us that Jerry Seinfeld’s new bee movie is partly based on … economics!

Wilson Ng of Biz Driven Life suggests that those of us (like yours truly) who rely on their gut feel would do best to consider hard data too. Some great reading here.

Al presents Creating ripple with your money! posted at Daily Oil Blog. Sounds like the banking systems the mafia, terrorists and others have been known to use

Shaun Connell presents Capitalism, at Reason and Capitalism. I think that’s the first submission on capitalism itself in this Carnival of the Capitalists! Wow! Bonus link for the high relevance (and best of luck ranking for “Capitalism” :) ): Capitalism. (You might want to use pretty permalinks, by the way.)

I object to this, however: “Many argue that workers are not paid ‘what they deserve’. But what do they ‘deserve’? There’s only one answer right answer, here — whatever the market dictates.” I know many people who get paid garbage wages just because they’re doing a job focused on manual labour rather than cerebral work – yet the people giving them legal aid would charge out the wazoo for the same work because it’s tough and not very gratifying. The market doesn’t reward these things and is thus inefficient. The market is the product of human interaction but it is not human.

Ian Welsh presents Externalities, Taxation, and Subsidies posted at The Agonist.

David’s got this interesting piece on Green Marketing. Nice pick on the keywords there ;). Put your green initiatives into the marketing budget and put some green into your business’ collective wallet at the same time!

The culinary arts get some representation this carnival too: Mike Cooch presents The secret sauce that makes the economy and your business grow posted at Bigger Small.

Nikole Gipps presents The Art of Quitting posted at Small Business Essentials: News, Tips and Advice. The title’s a bit vague but she means quitting your job, not cigarettes and such.

Chris Harris presents When should your small business outsource? posted at New venture outsourcing blog. Great question, Chris. I’d like to see you share more on this in the future.

Going against the trend, perhaps, of people living beyond their means, Kurt Brouwer presents More Americans Have Discretionary Income, at Fundmastery Blog. Or perhaps it’s because there’s more discretionary income that so many people live beyond their means?

In true capitalist vein, we have someone encouraging entrepreneurship: Harrison presents Start something you love or follow the trend? posted at Journey To Financial Freedom. The grammar isn’t great but it’s nice to see someone addressing a common issue.

David presents Taxes and the S-Corporation posted at Tips for Business Start-ups. It’s a short, interesting post but tough to link to. You’d get better SEO value from your writing with fewer ads, David. More people would be willing to link if they didn’t think you just wanted to make a quick few cents from their visitors.

An essential cog of the capitalist scheme is human interaction, and I find this is particularly true in SEO. Edith has a podcast with 9 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows, Conferences & Seminars , at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act

On the same topic, Maria Gajewski presents 7 Ways to Keep the Post-Conference Buzz posted at Never the Same River Twice.

Surfer Sam has an article on choosing your corporation type posted at Surfer Sam and Friends.

Adam presents Beware the Death Howl of the Old Media posted at Sophistpundit. Can I just take a moment more of your time, dear readers, to tell you how bloody well this guy writes? I’m largely in disagreement with him on a variety of topics but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t write a compelling editorial! Anyways, let me know when the NYTimes disappear, will you Adam? ‘Cuz I won’t be losing sleep over it until then.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Plan for Retirement If You Don’t Get a 401(k) or a 403(b) at Work. posted at American Consumer News.

The good ole’ Free Money Finance (who linked to me back in my days starting out blogging, as part of a carnival!) has a little rant/editorial about Michigan’s governor raising taxes.

Market Poetry presents Ode to All Struggling Value Investors posted at Market Poetry. Cute.

Also on investing, we’ve hot The Baglady.: California Dreamin’ Incentive Stock Options and the Silicon Valley Workerbee.

Christine presents The Exchange Rate – The Euro vs The Dollar – The Declining Dollar posted at Me, My Kid and Life. Did I mention I got ripped off at the airport? They gave me 94 US cents on my Canadian dollar just last week when the loonie was at ~$ 1.05US!

Leon Gettler presents Ethical dilemmas posted at Sox First. Useful post for just about everyone, and particularly for us capitalists!

The Financial Blogger presents MBA Grades Are Meaningless posted at The Financial Blogger. And I thought it was MBAs that were meaningless.

Rob presents Understanding the Stochastic Success of Social Media Tactics posted at Businesspundit. Err… “stochastic”? Turns out it’s an excellent post (not to mention he ridicules those ideas of marketing without spending any money – that’s only possible if you’re going to be personally dedicated to the marketing 24/7).

Charles H. Green presents Case Study #17: Trust-based Selling in the Real World posted at Trust Matters. It’s a terrific post on how his glasses store gave him great service, focusing on his needs. Read the post for the end result. Charles has a great blog, incidentally – see also his post here (my selection here) on greed in social networking, which should interest those of you who like my Facebook material.

Speaking of trust, this next author’s got some ideas on who not to trust in the housing market. I’m personally very interested in the topic because my feeling is that we’re going to see a wide-hitting recession for internet-based business and particularly people in advertising. And largely the stage will have been set by the crash in the housing market. See here for who’s to blame for the housing market crash.

Next is Maria Eugenia De Alejandro presenting Pricing Your Product or Service at Business Power Blog. Did she base that on my own prices?

From Wally Bock comes criticism of the NYTimes (good on you, Wally – that rag deserves every bit of criticism people write on it). Specifically, their article on leadership was small-minded, narrow, and in Wally’s terms, the NYTimes leadership article was provincial.

David B. Bohl tells us of his experiences chasing the next big score, the next major deal. Does it really come? Are we running after fool’s gold?

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Watch Prices Go Up: Interesting Facts About Inflation posted at The Digerati Life.

Wayne Hurlbert presents Business disasters: Turning the page posted at Blog Business World.

Our next post is on something absolutely essential: increasing conversions. Better yet, it’s oriented towards blogs! Anita Campbell presents New Blog Layouts Increase Page Views and Conversions, posted at Small Business Trends. The conversion is a simple RSS subscriber metric, but nevertheless I think it shows the power of your layout. On a related note, where is the info from on typical conversion rates?

The Skilled Investor presents Where?s Waldo? – The illusion of superior professional mutual fund manager performance. posted at The Skilled Investor Blog.

Allen Taylor presents Business Investment Strategies That Work Every Time posted at Investing World Today. The secret to investment success is the consistent application of time-proven strategies, not the use of complex, hard-to-understand investment vehicles created by investment bankers out to take your money!

Let me know what you think of this Carnival of the Capitalists!

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