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While I’m usually not the one to swear on a professional blog, there are exceptional occasions where it’s appropriate, and this is one of them. I’m waaaaaay overdue for a links post, and there are so many quality ones here, that I had to use my affiliate friend‘s expression.


First of all, one of the most brilliant minds in affiliate and search marketing, Diorex, has started his blog up again. Here’s a little jewel of a commentary that I’ll bet 99% of the search community missed on the introduction of the Google Affiliate Network and why you need to kill off your use of Google Analytics. First, to sphinn it gets a hot story!

Diorex also pointed me to this bit by PunditX on making serious bank from Google Pack referrals. Impressive, and it shows how much work is required to succeed for real with this stuf…

I need to give a hat tip to Smaxor for sharing that Diorex was back up (Smaxor used to have his old posts hosted on his blog when Diorex’s blog turned the lights off). He’s also shared a little goody about Namecheap offering free SSL certificates with new domain registrations; it’s good for a limited time so get yours now! I’ve already got about a half dozen :D.

To give you an idea of how valuable that is, Godaddy sells its Turbo SSL for 24.99/year or 26.99 a year. It’s an acquisition strategy, and you better believe it’s working. I’m shifting my purchasing activity to Namecheap from Godaddy.

While nowhere near being on the level of the above mentioned elite marketers, I did come up with an original idea in a guest post for Jordan Kasteler on how to discover and nail your loose-lipped Affiliate Managers. It might get a few AMs fired if you use the technique and blog about it, but then, why were they AMs to begin with?

http://roguedomainer.com/ is a wonderful blog on search, affiliate marketing, and internet marketing generally (not in the wannabe “I’m gonna rank for this term despite only offering SEO” sense, but the real deal). Know about being prepared?

AffSpy is now in public beta. Go sign up – it’s free :D!


Perhaps you don’t know about being prepared, but did you know that affiliate marketing and social marketing can coincide? Have a look at the rogue’s guide to Yahoo Answers. Be prepared for some social engineering!

Personally, however, I think this is where people can genuinely claim that blackhats are unethical – they’re tricking folks into buying their products. I’ve said several times in the past that SE guidelines aren’t a moral code, but this has nothing to do with SE guidelines.

As far as being a thought leader and appealing to people’s higher senses, Leo Babauta does it the best. See this post uncopyrighting his stuff and letting others reproduce it anywhere free. Plus he’s aware of the potential SEO ramifications. Imho, he knows that others will give him credit and the goodwill will get him lots more links than if he just blogged regularly. Sheer genius.

While we’re on the topic of being a thought leader, I love it when others lead the way down the wrong path so that you can learn from their mistakes and not screw up like that. It’s a sad story, but you must read this post-mortem on a failed vertical search/information retrieval company. Hat tip to my friend Ben Yoskovitz’s Twitter.

Did you know that email marketing is used for “customer relations management”? You probably did if you’re in enterprise marketing, but I didn’t. Sounds a lot like social to me, and in fact, Sitepoint’s email marketing kit – a great investment I’ve recently made – explains some tips for that. In that spirit, I share with you 10 tips for better sign-up forms.

Why care about email? To build your distribution network for better content-based link building, right?

Socialize your lead gen, says Ion Interactive. An interesting twist on improving your whitepaper-based efforts!

Link Building

My friend Ann has either been analyzing the blackhat side of search or just getting really bright n creative on her own, but this post on managing social profiles, and the useful chart she includes, is a must-read.

She’s been on a roll with some awesome posts lately, and another one is this wonderful, well-researched and presented ultimate SEO tools guide. I’ve bookmarked it and so should you!

(On a related note, am I the only one who didn’t know that the Xs in the hub finder tool link to the particular pages a link is from, and that those show up in exports to CSV? I felt like such a moron when I found out, having wasted countless hours trying to discover the context of some links…)

SEO CO did a study on how the MSM links out / does not link out.

Why your linking tests suck – You don’t have to agree with it, and you can take the drama with a grain of salt, but reading this will definitely make you a brighter SEO.

Lyndon Antcliff shares some link bait ideas. (Aside: I shared some linkbait ideas earlier, link here if you missed them.)
On the whole, I found them interesting, but wasn’t crazy about some of it:

Re: Payday loans linkbait – “If you can get pro and anti groups discussing on the same page you have hit payday gold.” Lyndon recognizes that these loans abuse people … and then [tacitly] suggests it’s a niche worth pursuing. Fake linkbait doesn’t hurt anyone, and I was actually cool with the kid-gets-hookers-plays-videogames story and honestly entertained. But working in a niche like that is something I find distasteful, to keep it in polite terms.

Roger “Martini Buster” Montti explains how India can work for you as far as link building goes.

Seth Godin This category needs to have its own post.



12 Shopping Cart Abandonment Mistakes via Palmer Web Marketing

SEO vs Social Media: Take the traffic quality test. Courtesy of James Duthie of Online Marketing Banter, some original research! Nicely done James. Though it could have been better had the social media traffic considered been niche-related vs general. My Sphinn traffic bounces much less than SU traffic, for instance.

Joost deValk gives us an absolutely wonderful, end-to-end resource on getting that pesky WordPress search working properly. I can’t wait to implement and report back!

For my Russian readers, Proother translated the Internal Link Building plugin – cool stuff guys! Anyone who wants to create another foreign-language version is more than welcome to it! I’m happy to acknowledge your work here and let my readers know. You’ll be responsible for updating as I update though, FYI.

How to turn lurkers into posters is a wonderful bit on creating and managing online communities. Also from Sitepoint, this time from the “iFroggy” network, comes this piece on managing violations of your community’s guidelines and documenting them.

If that’s your bag, you’ll probably like this forum for Community Admins, and this WSJ article addressing why many online communities fail and iFroggy network owner Pat O’Keefe’s comment on it.

Getting more into the techie side of stuff? Learn how to set up your own cron jobs (scripts run automatically on a schedule, with no need to turn them on/off) easily.

Are you getting your arse handed to you by your channel “partners”? John Andrews spills the beans on why small + local businesses need to think twice before partnering with Marchex, and why you need to be careful not to pay for others to develop footholds in your revenue streams.

This phone screening question for job candidates is golden.

Some of you know that amongst the SEO services I offer are website valuing and buying. Well, ebizvaluations have created a tool I long wanted to create myself: a closed-deal scraper/aggregator/ valuator.

The idea is to collect the data in the market that similar sites have sold for and then appraise your site accordingly. I’ve seen that technique work extremely accurately at NamePros, and if this tool can be effective, I’ll be quite impressed.

On a related note, one of the first pieces of linkbait I designed was a suite of site appraisal tools at Website Auction Hub. Unfortunately, the site’s owner broke off communication with me at one point and I had to stop working with them before we got to promoting the tools. It’s been over 2 years now, and I’d love to hear feedback from any of you who might use the tools. I honestly don’t think they’ll be as good as ebizvaluations though, at least based on the principles of their tool.

An interesting evolution in spam vs anti-spam, where the bad guys win, unfortunately. Old but worth reading.

real spammer selling SEO scams.

A mini case study by the good folks at RKG.

Ideas on the search and beyond – because building your brain is as important as building the bank account.

Google: the mother of antitrust battles?

The Five Big Mistakes That Changed My Life and How I Moved Past Them – SmartNow.com

Malwebolence – The World of Web Trolling

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