Facebook Political Ads – Facebook’s Dumb Ad Blocking Algo

Author: Gab Goldenberg

It’s election season here in Israel, and many politicians whose views I oppose are showing me Facebook ads.

The ads that don’t interest me according to my politics, I close with the close button (little x in the upper right). Facebook then asks why I hid the ad, and I then check the radio box that says they’re contrary to my views. I did this for 3-4 politicians in a row from the exact same party… and was surprised when the minimized ad was replaced by another for a different politician from the same party.

It’s obvious then that Facebook doesn’t categorize ads as reflecting a certain type of content, which would allow them to understand the responses they get.

It’s like using a sex-oriented pickup line at a bar and getting a series of women to throw their drinks in your face. You then ask why they tell you because it’s sleazy… but you just keep up the sleaze.

Why ask if you won’t learn?

Today I saw another ad from a different party, but with views similar to those I’d previously blocked. Odd. In fairness, the other ads seem to be gone, so perhaps the system just takes a while to update. That is surprising though since Facebook’s content and ads are real-time systems.

Author: sroiadmin