Why You Need This Poker Concept To Succeed At Online Marketing: The BankRoll

In poker, your bankroll refers to how much budget you’ve allotted to play, a concept that isn’t thought of in online marketing even though it’s value to online marketers is huge. (more…)

How an Affiliate Got Merchants to Promote Their Site

This is a guest post by Everett Sizemore, who blogs about e-commerce SEO on his website You can follow him on Twitter and connect on Linked-In.

Free Shipping DayToday is Free Shipping Day and thousands of online stores are participating in what is going to be one of the largest online shopping holidays of the year. (more…)

How Buying Hosting Can Get You Free Code, Design, Logos, etc

If you need web hosting, you can get a variety of other things, free! Hosting is a very competitive field because companies can make $100+ / year from each user, and the reality is that most people don’t change hosts. As a result, hosting affiliate programs payout commissions around $100 – even for new affiliates! (more…)

Developing Websites To Rent Them Out

Flipping websites is a common and popular practice, but you can make more money in the long term by renting websites out, instead of getting a one-time payment for them.

This technique only works in a few niches; one, in particular, is the local business niche. Many local businesses are still in the dinosaur age and this means one thing: It’s time to cash upon local businesses that have no Internet presence whatsoever or a very weak one if that.

One reason local Internet business marketing can be so lucrative is that while the keywords have low search volume, they are still worth an enormous amount of money to the right people, and they also tend to have weak competition. City-service keywords are some of the most unique types of keyword phrases in terms of SEO and ROI on the planet and cash upon them all starts with owning the exact match domain name.

How to GamePlan Your Strategy

Getting into the local business market fast is all about owning the right domain names, to begin with. The “May Day” Google algorithm update of about a year ago – hit people banking on exact match domain names pretty hard. But exact match domain names are still very effective in the local business niche because competition for the keywords is very low, and thus the exact match still holds a lot of weight in the Google algorithm.

Rural Regions vs Large Metropolitan Areas.

Keyword research is absolutely crucial for choosing your domain names.

You don’t want to choose a keyword that has no search volume – and that is the exact problem with areas low in population. The search volume is so low that it is not measurable, thus it is a good idea to use this strategy is highly populated metropolitan areas only.

The problem with large metropolitan areas, on the other hand, is that in the last two years, a large percentage of exact match domains have been registered – so you can’t get a hold of one unless you pay a premium on the aftermarket. However, if you find the right niche (HINT: Dumpster Rental is one good one still available widely across America) you will be able to cash up.

Side Note: There is a workaround for keyword research in low populated areas: use Google AdWords.

Create A Funnel of Web Sites

A funnel is when you create multiple websites aimed at targeting multiple different keyword phrases that all funnel people to dialing up the same number and reaching the same company.

You want to take this strategy to the large metropolitan areas. The reason is that in many large metropolitan areas there are suburbs whose keyword data is measurable. Your goal should be to make 3-15 different websites that have exact match city/service domain names. Example: “Miami Bankprutcy Trustee” and its suburb “Grapeland Heights Bankruptcy Trustee.”

Finding Clients and How to Charge

Finding a client(s) will be the toughest part of the whole procedure. The best place to start is with friends, family, or friends of the family. If no one you know owns any sort of local business then it’s time to start cold calling or further networking within the area. The good part about not having a client right away, however, is that it will give you time to work on the SEO for your websites so that you can establish rankings and have something to show them when you pitch.

Another good idea is to get a phone number up and running on the website. is a pretty cheap way to get an (800) number up very quickly of which you can forward to any number you like (they provide numbers for around $5 a month).

It will automatically keep track of all your calls and how much time each conversation lasted and from who it was from. This is valuable information, especially when you are trying to make a sale. Any local business will tell you that their main goal is to get somebody on the phone – and if you can do that for them then you will have done your job in the marketing department. Some local businesses even have it down to how much money it is worth every single time the phone rings.

What you go about charging will depend on a lot of different things. You’ll need to price each niche differently mainly because a potential client is worth different amounts of money depending on what business you’re in. The higher amount of money a potential client is worth – the more likely that you will be able to charge that company on a monthly or annual rate.

The less a potential client is worth – the more likely you will have to charge your clients per lead. Although this is more frequently the case, each situation is different and you might be [doing the opposite:] charging a dentist per lead while you charge a dumpster rental company on a monthly or annual type deal.

When you design them you want to make sure that you use the triangle theory as part of your design. What do I mean by that?

The triangle theory was a study that Google did back in 2005 that shows that the first thing that a person looks at when entering a website is the top left corner and that their eyes scope it in the shape of a triangle. You want to make sure that you get a logo, phone number, and any free estimate form you have in that triangle.

Side Note: Once you find a client that wants to run with you, this is when you will be plugging the logo and phone number in. A good way to do this is to order a number from and redirect it to the company. That way you can see just how many leads you are generating them – which is essential if you are going to charge by lead.

While your off-site SEO like link building and social networking won’t be as important (exact domain name helps that a lot in this niche) your on-site SEO must be flawless. You really want to stress the proper placement of keywords. Your link building will consist of 10-50 links obtained through quality paid link directories or some sort of contextual links.

You should begin to see these sites ranking within 3 months given that you chose some quality keyword phrases. After that, it’s on you to go out there and get clients!

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain This website is an entity of an Internet marketing company that provides many services, which includes a white label link building service as well as many other services that you may get an SEO Quote on at any time.

Are You Buying Skewed Panel Data?

In yet another fascinating case study, Mr. Green’s blog shares a mobile marketing campaign aimed at recruiting panel members for demographic research services. (more…)

Don’t Put A News Feed On The Homepage

Why not put a news feed of your company’s latest press releases on the homepage? (more…)

2 Facebook Ad Creation Programs For SMBs – Replacement for FB Ad Manager

The Problem With Facebook Ads

People buying Facebook ads have been getting progressively more sophisticated and large-scale. The problem with scaling is that the web interface is clunky and that the Bulk Uploader is only available for high rollers spending $1000/day + on Facebook ads. (more…)

Can Affiliate Programs Work For Charity?

Charities already raise a lot of money by word of mouth marketing, with friends being friends and so forth…

Is it plausible that online, charities might use affiliate programs to bring in more money?

On the one hand, I can see lots of people jumping at the opportunity, and more money at least in the short term.

On the other hand, I can see a cynicism arising as soon as donors find out that some people promoting a charity are getting kickbacks.

And then they may carry that cynicism over to their [non-affiliate] friends who promoted that charity to them…

In short, I can see a lot of social havoc if charities do the wrong way…

But I can also imagine some nice revenues if charities do it the right way, selecting affiliates with impersonal sites such as news corporations.

You can then assume that’s an ad like the rest of it…

Can charities use affiliate marketing?

Ecommerce Shopping Carts and Shipping Rates: Don’t Wait for Til Checkout!

While working on some e-commerce affiliate sites, I tried to find the e-commerce merchant’s shipping prices. Unfortunately, it’s a remarkable pain in the neck to find shipping info at most mom-n-pop e-commerce stores.

I think it’s because they place a blind reliance on their e-commerce store’s shopping cart. The problem is that the cart was usually created by a programmer – not a customer service rep. So the priorities in design were easy coding, not easy buying. As a result, lots of shopping carts cause SMBs to lose sales.

Shipping a cat

Photo credit: Dan Chace, aka Lacrymosa

Here are some examples of what not to do, and why they’re bad ideas. If the e-commerce cart you want acts this way, switch!

1) Worst idea EVER: Ask for my credit card info before telling me the shipping price. 

Affiliate Links With Hashtags Need 301 Redirects

I’ve just been reading some of SEOmoz’s Pro member tips and seeing their suggestions to use affiliate URLs that use hashtags, also referred to as the pound sign, number sign or hash mark.* For example, (more…)

5 Surprising Sources of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence provides entertainment, an inside-track on industry trend-spotting, and the potential to develop tangential business opportunities before others, or at least catch up quickly. I gluttonously consume information and thought I’d share some parts of my diet with other competitive intelligence collectors with hearty appetites. (more…)

Affiliate Marketing Gets Sluttier In Time For 2010

It’s a weird thing that some of the smartest affiliate marketers are also the dirtiest. (more…)

Affiliate PPC Tip For Mixing Facebook, Shareasale & Prosper 202 Tracking

I just spent a few hours creating and editing an affiliate PPC campaign with Facebook Ad Manager, a Firefox extension that lets you mass-create, upload and split test ads (including split-testing images) on Facebook.

Now, while Facebook Ad Manager saved me a bunch of time, I screwed up with my Prosper 202 tracking setup and so the whole campaign needs to be rebuilt from the start.

Here’s what happened, and how to avoid it happening to you. (more…)

3 Guest Posts Of Mine

@Search Engine Land: How predictive heatmap tools work and how they can lift your conversion rates. I write for SEL’s Just Behave (Usability/Conversion Optimization) column once a month.

@Wolf-Howl: Why Google HQ Really LOVES Thin Affiliates. I write at Mike Gray’s site periodically, when I have something that will fit with his audience.

@Wildfire Marketing’s Marketing Tips: An Interview on Link Building With Yours Truly

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Search, Web, and Business Products I Endorse

I’ve used each of the SEO and webmaster services and tools below in the past and can vouch for them. (more…)

Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes – Book Review

My friend Geno Prussakov wrote a fascinating book entitled, Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes. This is my review of Geno’s book, for those who might like to buy it.


How To Find Niches And Pick Wisely: An Affiliate Newbie’s Guide

I wrote a guest post at Wolf Howl on how to find niches and pick wisely amongst them, for affiliate marketing newbies. Gurus who give you a list and tell you to select randomly amongst them without explaining their reasoning inevitably cause dissapointment, so hopefully this will help you guys discover affiliate marketing opportunities and choose wisely amongst them.

If the topic is of interest, have a look also at how to protect your keywords from a loose-lipped affiliate manager.

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Two Conferences’ Worth Of Contacts

In June I spoke at SMX Advanced. Earlier this week I spoke at Affiliate Summit East. Time to show some love to the folks I met! Here they are,  in no particular order: (more…)

People I Want To See At Affiliate Summit East

In no particular order, here are the folks I’m looking forward to seeing at Affiliate Summit East, where I’m on the agenda to speak(more…)

Want A Turnkey Business Opportunity To Work At Home?

The scams described in the video below have a lot in common with the Google cash, Google Money and other similar scams prominently found all around the internet. (more…)

Going to Affiliate Summit East 2009? I Plan To :).

I'm speaking at Affiliate Summit East 2009Shawn Collins and Missy Ward have been nice enough to give me a speaking spot doing an “Advanced Search Marketing (more…)

Froogle 2.0: Google Declares War On Amazon

booksAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by One Good Bumblebee
From the Seattle Times today (read in print version) comes a story headlined: “Google Says It Will Challenge Amazon On Electronic Books.” Loyal readers of mine would have known this was coming 7 months ago. Here are a few choice excerpts from my old post: (more…)

Guest Posts @ BlogStorm on Crediting Sales In Affiliate Management



Hope you enjoy!

Eric Schmidt Is A Dirty Hypocrite: Google Should Come Clean – Friday Photos

On TechCrunch, Borgle CEO Eric Schmidt told Charlie Rose that (more…)

Ecommerce Widgets And More – Scratchpad Video


Those Who Cannot Think, Do. Those Who Can Think, Teach.

That’s a pretty inflammatory statement, isn’t it? But why is it any less inflammatory than “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach.” You hear that all the time in internet marketing circles (especially affiliate ones) and it’s pretty silly.  (more…)

PJN Leaves Affiliates Hanging: Go Direct

Pepperjam Network, you’re really, really useless. I have proof that you’re stealing commissions from affiliates and not paying them for all the sales they generate. I have proof that when a merchant’s tracking screws up, you do nothing to solve the issue for affiliates, let alone pay (more…)

Google’s Conspiracy To Monopolize Online Shopping

What do Google’s search-within-search, the Google Affiliate Network, and Google Suggest have to do with each other? It’s all about Google’s transformation from being a bridge and toll-gate on the information superhighway to being bridge, toll-gate and destination! (more…)

40+ Metric F***Tons Of Awesome Resources

While I’m usually not the one to swear on a professional blog, there are exceptional occasions where it’s appropriate, and this is one of them. I’m waaaaaay overdue for a links post, and there are so many quality ones here, that I had to use my affiliate friend‘s expression. (more…)

AffSpy Launches Public Beta

The AffSpy TeamRegular readers will recall I covered the joys of using AffSpy to save hours and hours of research trying to answer the eternal “What offers should I run” question. Well, the service founded by Stephen Gill and my friend Gab Malca (in the striped shirt) is now in public beta so anyone can get in! The press release is after the jump. (more…)

Who Are The Greediest Affiliate Networks and Who Has The Best Payouts?

Every affiliate network claims to pay its affiliates the highest rates. The truth of the matter, however, is that some have higher CPAs for the same campaigns than others do. So I’ve created a post comparing the CPAs between networks on the same offers to determine the trend and see which networks really do pay the best. (more…)

Analytics & Attribution: Which Source Gets Credit For the Conversion?

The answer came to me while reading up on advertising. Studies show it takes a certain frequency – most people place it around 7 times – for an ad and its message to be remembered. It would obviously be silly to just credit the last impression for finally getting the target consumer to get the advertiser’s point when the other 6 clearly were part of the process. Yet that’s a question many pro marketers have! (more…)

Handy Dandy Resources: Diamonds in the Rough Posts and Tools

Big ideas and food for thought:

Google Slaughters Wall & Inman, But Amazon Survives

Google killed former SEOmoz CTO Matt Inman’s widgetbait because some Guardian reporter didn’t like it and wrote his negative opinion up. Then Aaron Wall was unlucky enough to trust a jerk who asked Matt Cutts about Aaron’s affiliate program based linkbuilding.

The question is: Will Amazon get a beat-down too? For their (more…)

The Triple Threat Interview: Stuntdubl, Graywolf and Sugarrae on Independent Webmastering

Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl SEO Consulting and Clientside SEM), Michael Gray (Graywolf’s SEO blog) and Rae Hoffman (Sugarrae Website Audits & SEO) were lucky enough to kick back with me at SMX West, so in my infinite generosity I decided to let them school me on some of the finer points of being an independent webmaster. This is intermediate level stuff mostly (my fault for not having better questions; see the end of this post for your chance to followup with your own questions), but there are a few nuggets in here for those of you who pay attention. (more…)

Scratchpad: Email Link Exchange Spam That Isn’t Spam & Real Links

First, I present to you this amusing little email: (more…)