Optin Skin Plugin Review

Author: Gab Goldenberg

OptinSkin aka Optin Skin logoI just implemented Optin Skin from ViperChill to improve over my previously dismal sidebar optin form, so here’s a OptinSkin review if you’re considering getting it.

What is it? Optin Skin gives you some optin form templates (aka skins) and helps you split test them.

You can customize the skins with your choice of colors, text, font and a couple of other features. One that is interesting, but I’ve yet to try, is the fade-in option which will fade in the form when the visitor gets to the location on the page (ex.: end of the post) where it’s meant to appear.

I bought the plugin a while ago but didn’t immediately implement it as I wanted to try the form I had originally designed for my sidebar as part of my new theme. In sum, that form performed dismally, so I’m now trying Optin Skin.

Pros of OptinSkin

1. The whole process of downloading, installing and especially implementing was really quick, which I’m grateful for.

2. The ease of use is nice – I picked my default skin, customized it to have yellow colors so as to better contrast with my theme and draw attention, and then used the plugin’s widget to add it into my sidebar. I’ll hopefully report back when I have data on how well the new forms perform.

3. Additionally, getting going with split testing was just a question of checking the box that asks if you want to split test a form. Much appreciated in contrast to the hassles required by systems like Google Website Optimizer now aka Content Experiments.

That’s the upside.

Cons of OptinSkin

— On the downside, I’d want more features…

I am disappointed that the skin I chose doesn’t allow me to add a link or phrase describing my privacy policy, which is an industry best practice for increasing conversion. Similarly, you can’t add an image of your eBook cover to all the skins (there is one, which limits your customization ability. I suppose I’m asking for power-user features though.

+ The truth is that if you dig around the admin area of the plugin, you find that there are other skins to add. In their place, I’d install all the skins for you by default, instead of requiring the extra step, but perhaps they thought to save you server space.

OptinSkin Skins to add

And you find that there are actually a few different ebook cover forms, as well as possibilities to use a risk reduction type phrase like a privacy policy.

Optin Skin ebook cover skins

–Unfortunately, as you can see in the above preview, the previews don’t work perfectly, and make you worry that you’re going to look stupid when you install the form. As it turns out, it’s just that their preview functionality has some layout problems, but in reality (as you can see in my sidebar), things work as they should.

Summary of My Review of Optin Skin:

Easy to use, fast to implement, built-in split testing with just a couple of clicks makes life eaaaasy for marketers.

Limited customizability place boundaries on your creativity (and potentially conversion rate) and buggy previews make you nervous, requiring extra quality assurance time. It’s easily made up for by the fast setup process though.

Author: sroiadmin