Five Tools You Need To Rock The World Of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all the rage right now and savvy brands looking to promote their services to the public need to stay on top of the latest trends to make sure their message is being heard.

If you’ve never heard of inbound marketing, then you need to make sure you do some reading up and fast. You can get a great overview of what it’s all about by reading this presentation from Rand Fishkin of Moz, while is also a great resource for hints and tips.

Once you’ve caught up with what’s going on, you might want to check out these five tools to help make sure your inbound marketing goes with a bang.

1 – Moz

We’ve already touched on Moz, but the company deserves a closer look. It started out as a search engine optimization agency but ditched that element of its business to focus on creating top-class marketing tools, and it’s made a great job of things.

Open Site Explorer is great for assessing link prospects and it also offers a whole host of tracking functions to allow you to keep an eye on how your site is doing.

More excitingly, the company is currently in the process of launching a whole new suite of reporting tools. Moz Analytics is currently in beta, so it’s not available to everyone yet, but early reports have been good so it’s certainly something content marketers should keep an eye on.

2 – Buzzstream

If outreach and link building are your aims, then Buzzstream is the tool for you. Not only can you use it to find prospects for outreach, but it also helps you contact them and keeps track of the messages you send and receive as you look to contact influencers.

A range of price plans means it should be affordable for even the smallest business, while an intuitive interface and helpful tutorials mean beginners should get to grips with the tool very quickly.

It’s another must-have for your marketing arsenal.

3 – Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon Suggest


Need some help brainstorming content ideas? Then Ubersuggest is the tool for you. Give it a keyword, and it will provide you with a huge number of related suggestions. You can use these for any number of things, from titles to blog posts for search terms to help you find relevant sites through Buzzstream.

It’s a simple, free tool that has a great many potential applications, and that makes it great.

4 – Pay per click return on investment calculator

PPC is often overlooked when it comes to inbound marketing, but it’s a vital part of the mix. This handy tool from SEO Book lets you work out exactly how much you can expect to make (or lose) from your PPC campaigns. You can specify total monthly clicks, estimated cost per click, conversion rate and average profit per conversions.

It’s a great way to help decide if a particular PPC campaign is going to be worth your while.

5 – Spyfu

Another big part of inbound marketing is keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing. When it comes to link building, you can use Moz’s Open site Explore but to track the PPC campaigns of others you need Spyfu. This tool lets you peek at your rivals’ AdWords keywords, and the ad variations they’ve used over the last six years.

It’s a great way to drum up ideas for ad copy and find out which keywords are working for your competitors.

So there you have it, five tools which should help you to run a more successful inbound marketing campaign. What tools are you using to reach your customers? Tell us in the comments below.

By Will Stevens of domain name registrar 123-reg. Will blogs about a range of internet marketing topics including PPC management, SEO and brand position.

Author: sroiadmin