A Usability Reference For Internet Marketing Master’s Students

Gabriel Goldenberg
Author: Gabriel Goldenberg

First, the information that’s valuable to all my readers: Check out my most recent usability guest column for Search Engine Land, How Much Detail Do Product Detail Pages Need?

Second, in response to my 4Q visitor surveys, Tara Cervantes wrote me the following in response to the question, “What do you value most about the [company] website?”

“[I]nsight, shared knowledge, great food for thought. I’m an Internet Marketing Master’s student who just can’t get enough (now I’m thinking of old Depeche Mode)…Anyway, great site, I signed up for the blog. Your site made it as a reference for my usability class. The specific assignment was about Personas, just so you know, since the post we read talked about how you read user comments. taracervantes@(site name removed to prevent spam)”

How can you not feel good when you see feedback like that? I’d noticed Full Sail-referred-traffic in my server logs (the information your server records about each visitor), but to get a verbal explanation for it (since the page is restricted to Full Sail Internet Marketing Master’s students) is even better.

SEO ROI logs showing traffic from Full Sail's website as an assignment

If this site is good enough for Full Sail’s Master’s students, perhaps you’d like to add my RSS feed to your reader?

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