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13 Resources For Mobile Landing Pages And Website Design

Guides – A useful presentation for beginners. The authors created Movitas, which has the most affordable WYSIWYG mobile page creator I found. (Besides the free, uber-basic Movylo.)

Mobile Web Design Galleries – A blog and design gallery with useful resources linked – Another gallery

WYSIWYGs – Another mobile WYSIWYG
Very basic:
Really pricey:

Slice Shops Turn PSD and AI Graphics Into XHTML, WML etc – Seemed to have pretty affordable pricing for slicing up graphics into mobile landers, but it wasn’t clear if they’d do WML either… – A site that will slice your graphics into a working lander, but they don’t do WML. Use them if your target is newer devices that can support 320px wide graphics etc. – Unclear if you need to use Zestadz to get their tool, however.

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My Year In Review, Scratchpad Style

Here’s what I’ve experienced and learned in the past year. Feel free to skim, but as with my scratchpad first discussing submarine crawling, what you read here today may be industry-changing search news in 6 months… (more…)

SEO, Usability, Graphics … What Should My Redesign Focus On?

I’ve had this site for about a year now and feel it’s time for a redesign. I think that there are improvements to be made in terms of usability and conversion rates, but most importantly, I’d love to hear what you think needs to be fixed/improved. How can I make my site better?

Some goals I have for the coming year:

Develop my audience and reach. I’d like to have 20,000 + subscribers a year from now. I don’t know how realistic that is, considering that I don’t blog about web design or beginner topics that seem to generate subscription volume for most sites, but it’s something I hope to achieve anyways.

Finally launch Original Monetization. My developer’s gone AWOL with my money and code, and is not answering emails, which is quite frustrating. This site would likely be used to cross-promote it.

Click Audit Was Parked – I Lost My Subscriber Stats!

My reaction was a loud WTF when I tried logging in to check my click stats. Click Audit, the link/click tracking tool I was using until very recently to track subscriber count to SEO ROI has just been turned into a parked domain! In other words, it just features a bunch of useless ads. It may be a temporary thing, because the site likely didn’t make the owner(s) much money, but I’m not waiting around to find out. (Updates below; I found another click counter, and Click Audit is back online.) (more…)

Aaron Wall on Growth Areas, Independent Webmastering, Hiring and More (Interview)

Aaron Wall is a teacher, SEO, marketing expert and generally a very bright guy [obviously, he agreed to do an interview with me ;) ]. Beyond the site we all know and love, he’s also the man behind Search Engine History, Blackhat SEO and a variety of others. Most of you reading this probably know these things, so let’s just move on with the interview. As always, there’ll be free dofollow links in updates to the post for intelligent comments and particularly if you find the source for some of these questions…

1) Where do you think are the most promising areas for testing and experimenting, as far as discovering new, actionable SEO insights?

  • I think studying psychology and sociology are key areas for growth. (more…)

The Independent Webmaster’s Manifesto

  • If knowledge is power;
  • If information is knowledge;
  • And if Google is organizing – and, more importantly, distributing – the world’s information;

Then isn’t Google the single most powerful organization in the world?