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SphinnCon 2010 Videos

Hey Ladies and Gents!

Did you miss SphinnCon 2011? Sucks to be you! Fortunately, Elan Perach got a bunch of pics, videos and slides from the show.

Here’s the video of my own preso, on delegating and scaling link building.

Should I Buy GenericKeyword .New Extension Domain Names?

No, you shouldn’t buy GenericKeyword.ExoticExtension domain names. The only people making money there are ICANN and the registrars responsible for those extensions. This includes extensins like .pro, .aero, .travel, .asia, .me etc. Watch my new video for more. The production quality isn’t tremendous, but I’m slowly getting the hang of this.

What Can I Do For You, Commentators?

The video with my thoughts and questions is after the jump. Please give me some feedback on this – what can I do for you guys? (more…)