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Ted Ulle aka Tedster On Information Architecture

Ted UlleTed Ulle is a veteran member of WebmasterWorld, where he’s better known as Tedster. He moderates the HTML and Google SEO forums there, as well as serving as an Administrator. He’s on Pubcon’s advisory board, the chief search strategist at Converseon, a global online marketing agency for enterprise-level companies, and is on Twitter as TedUlle. You can find out more about Converseon and Ted’s professional affiliations at the end of the post.

I saw Ted give a remarkable and controversial presentation at Pubcon Las Vegas 2010, where he notably criticized most implementations of dropdown navigation as overstuffed. We spoke afterwards and Ted consented to give me the following interview. For answers that required clarification, I inserted an asterisk at the appropriate spot and added the clarification question and answer immediately after.

1) Shari Thurow criticizes SEOs who organize information architecture (IA) around keywords. ( ) Assuming you have content that matches those keywords, what is the problem with that practice? Isn’t that “siloing” or “theming” your navigation?

PSD To HTML Slicing Checklist For Landing Pages

If you’re designing a custom landing page, chances are that you’re using a PSD to HTML chop shop, like my friends at PSD to HTML/CSS. The problem is that things you may obviously require won’t be obvious to the coders. (more…)

For Your Swipe File: Clever Direct Response Flyer

I saw this flyer at the busstop and had to grab it to share with you guys. I think it’s brilliant advertising, and here’s why. (more…)

Usability Blunders: Imprecise Suggestion In Search Bar

Can you see what’s wrong with Listorious’ search bar?

Listorious insite search bar

Did You Make This Beginner Web Design Mistake Too?

When I created my first websites, I have to admit that I was pretty naive about the graphic/visual side of things. SEO ROI is a good example. (more…) Review: Check Out This Usability Testing Tool

I knew for a while that I wanted to try out, based on the referrals from my friends at Closed Loop Marketing and various blogs on usability I read (Future Now, Usability Post), but I never really had the opportunity to go ahead and get on it. (more…)

If I Could Go Back In Time, I’d Kill Date Based Navigation

Time and date based navigation offer terrible usability and even worse SEO. Have you ever heard of mystery meat navigation? Maybe not, but you’ve probably seen archive navigation that meets the following description: (more…)

Card Sorting For SEO

Card sorting is a technique from usability, whereby usability pros ask others to arrange a set of cards in the most coherent groups possible. Usability experts use card sorting to organize the information architecture of a website, but it’s also valuable for SEO.

Today I had two consultations over the phone that dealt with the navigation of a website, so I thought I’d touch on how you can use card sorting for SEO. I’m currently writing what I hope will be a small book on advanced SEO, and one of my themes is that SEO and usability fit closely together – improving one often improves the other. This is one of those cases. (more…)