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3 Cheap Web Robots & Screen Scrapers for SEO Data Collection

This is a guest post by Jeffrey Russo, a Boston-area SEO at a boutique search agency. Jeff is particularly interested in the intersection of search and social, and regularly covers SEO related topics on his personal blog at

This post exemplifies the creative and critical thinking I discuss in depth in my book

One of my favorite things about SEO is that I regularly get to sit down and dig into a massive data set, searching for the non-intuitive insights that have the power to truly move the needle.

But as much as I enjoy uncovering an obscure keyword space or a fantastic link opportunity from deep within an Excel file, the slow and painful process of actually collecting the data to work with can get in the way of doing this kind of detailed analysis. (more…)

Internal Link Building v3 – More Natural Anchor Text and New Tabs

Internal Link Building is a plugin I created to help SEOs by letting them auto-link internally like Wikipedia does, so you can rank like Wikipedia.

It’s since been adopted by affiliates to auto-link to affiliate products and by bloggers looking to auto-link to their RSS feeds and popular posts, as well.
(Read on for details on new functionality, FAQ etc. For those who just want the latest version, add my RSS feed to your reader and download it from there.

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I recently sent people interested in my advanced SEO book a second free sample chapter about more natural anchor text. The updates to ILB do just that. In the words of the programmer

New functionality:

Words Between means that more words can be in the anchor text. So, you can match “google search” to “google cat search” if this is set 1 or “google the best engine to use for search” if set higher. The setting is the maximum not the minimum. (more…)

Here’s Your Essential IM Reading This Month

Web Pro News reports that Yahoo is modifying Bing search results, and discusses Bing serving ads on Yahoo.

Wayne Liew writes an excellent article on what the ideal strategy is for Twitter – and no, it isn’t mass following. The brilliance in this article is that it recognizes that social media is, first of all, a social tool.

SpyFu Tutorial & Case Study: See More Data In Domain Ad History

I recently took my own endorsement advice and bought access to Spyfu for a PPC campaign I’m managing, which is having CTR trouble on some keywords.

Besides my use for my own campaign, the Spyfu membership – especially Domain Ad History tool – was useful in critically appraising this post from Epiphany, which discusses how Lego are apparently not buying keywords they’re targeting for SEO, an apparently obvious mistake. (more…)

SEO FAQ: Can Overusing Internal Link Building Cause A Penalty?

Jimmy writes,

“I saw someone write to be careful or use the ilb in moderation to avoid getting penalized or something like that.

What are your thoughts on best practices?” (more…)

13 Resources For Mobile Landing Pages And Website Design

Guides – A useful presentation for beginners. The authors created Movitas, which has the most affordable WYSIWYG mobile page creator I found. (Besides the free, uber-basic Movylo.)

Mobile Web Design Galleries – A blog and design gallery with useful resources linked – Another gallery

WYSIWYGs – Another mobile WYSIWYG
Very basic:
Really pricey:

Slice Shops Turn PSD and AI Graphics Into XHTML, WML etc – Seemed to have pretty affordable pricing for slicing up graphics into mobile landers, but it wasn’t clear if they’d do WML either… – A site that will slice your graphics into a working lander, but they don’t do WML. Use them if your target is newer devices that can support 320px wide graphics etc. – Unclear if you need to use Zestadz to get their tool, however.

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Tying Adwords Into Analytics

(We’re continuing our SphinnCon deadblogging, this time with coverage of the web analytics panel. Previously we’d been discussing analytics with a internal search case study from Adi Reguev, and PPC with material from Naomi Sela on the content network, ad writing and split testing with Ophir Cohen and Dan Perach, and mixed link building / ppc notes from my panel/ Dan Sumeruck.)

Michal Neufeld – Google Analytics – Tying Adwords Into Analytics

Some pros of tying the two together:
- Understand the whole funnel, from search to site exit
- Instant and granular view of ROI on AdWords (more…) Review: Check Out This Usability Testing Tool

I knew for a while that I wanted to try out, based on the referrals from my friends at Closed Loop Marketing and various blogs on usability I read (Future Now, Usability Post), but I never really had the opportunity to go ahead and get on it. (more…)

Update To The Popular Internal Link Building

My friend Marios Alexandrou, an advanced SEO who loves to test ranking factors, worked with my programmer to update the popular WordPress plugin I had built, Internal Link Building. (more…)

Internal Link Building Update

A few of you have been kind enough to report bugs and issues with the internal link building plugin. I’m currently aware of the following issues. They’re on the to-do-list to be fixed and/or improved. I wasn’t sure whether or not to hide these bugs or be upfront about it, but I figure it’s better to fess up and be transparent than whatever might happen in the alternative.

Keep in mind, however, that some problems will be specific to you personally. Try de-activating other plugins before you come to report a problem. If that doesn’t work, then please, I really, really want to hear from you!

Also, if you’re on version 1 of the plugin rather than version 2, get version 2
now as it fixes a common bug (see 2 below) and may address yours. You don’t need to worry about losing saved keywords; they’ll be there when you install the new version. This is per my testing on a 2.5x WP install on this site.

1) Apostrophes are not being accepted (more…)