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Why Does This SEO-Promoting Email Spam Beat Gmail’s Filters?

I spend an inordinate amount of time deleting spam emails from my Gmail inbox.

Update: Someone said I shouldn’t try to get these guys penalized. Here’s my response:
They’re wasting my time daily and I should stand back quietly? It’s called protecting what’s yours. You don’t think house alarms are bad, even though they might embarass thieves or get them caught, do you? I’m protecting my time from thieves.

If my email is public and scraped, Gmail should still block the spam people send me. Since they’ve been horrible at stopping this for at least a year, and probably more like three years, I’m going to start posting these emails here and hopefully Google will improve its spam filters as a result. As I get more spam emails, I’m going to keep posting them here. And maybe these people will see their own emails scraped and rendered useless by their fellow spammers… (more…)

Check Links For Viruses & Build Links Faster!

Fellow Canadian SEO, Melanie Nathan, recently wrote an interesting guest post for Search Engine People on the reciprocity approach to link building. This method is the traditional approach of pointing out 404s, links going to malware-infected sites and so on.

Why Spam Keeps Making My Day

Do you know how spammers find your site to share their delicious comment spam with you?

The same way anybody finds anything online – they search.

Malware on SEO ROI – Aim To Be Clean Soon!

To all my friends and readers, please be aware that due to some malicious people, there appears to be malware downloading onto computers that visit SEO ROI, or at least an attempt to that effect (some browsers seem to notify users and/or be impervious, eg Google Chrome’s notifications).

I’ve notified my hosting company and asked for their help, as well as posted a job to some freelancers I work with to see what they can do. So I’m hopeful to have this resolved by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Also, thanks to everyone who dropped me a note about it – your concern and looking out for me are really appreciated.

Gab Goldenberg
p.s. Another good reason to add my feed to your reader, ironically – that way you can read without visiting and exposing yourself to bugs and other junk.

What Mrs. Yona Sussnovitch, 85, Taught Me About Hacked Websites

…Hacked websites are really no big deal. Sit back, kick your feet up on the desk, grab your coffee and let me tell you a story about Mrs. Yona Sussnovitch and I. (more…)

RankRanker (Rank Ranker “Free SEO System and Link Exchange With Extra Earning”) SPAM

I’ve gotten two emails from a certain “” (aka “”) trying to sell me their “Free SEO System and Link Exchange With Extra Earning”. While spam email pitches for terribly named, grammar-rule-flaunting, “get rich quick” systems (NEW: Now With An SEO Twist!) (more…)