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Internal Link Building v3 – More Natural Anchor Text and New Tabs

Internal Link Building is a plugin I created to help SEOs by letting them auto-link internally like Wikipedia does, so you can rank like Wikipedia.

It’s since been adopted by affiliates to auto-link to affiliate products and by bloggers looking to auto-link to their RSS feeds and popular posts, as well.
(Read on for details on new functionality, FAQ etc. For those who just want the latest version, add my RSS feed to your reader and download it from there.

If you like this plugin, please link to this page or stumble it.)

I recently sent people interested in my advanced SEO book a second free sample chapter about more natural anchor text. The updates to ILB do just that. In the words of the programmer

New functionality:

Words Between means that more words can be in the anchor text. So, you can match “google search” to “google cat search” if this is set 1 or “google the best engine to use for search” if set higher. The setting is the maximum not the minimum. (more…)

Charity & Edu Link Opp

To my friends, acquaintances and readers: I’ve got a sweet link opportunity for you that combines charity with trusted educational links.

Together with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s student union (the “Aguda”) and the Office of Student Activities of the Rothberg International School, we’re organizing an anti-smoking programme. The idea is to give away -free – nicotine gum to students who want to quit, to help them kick the habit.

We’ll be setting up stalls where students can come ask for a pack of the gum, and invite them to give us their names/emails for follow up to see how they’re doing a little later. Permission marketing rather than interruption marketing, to avoid giving away gum to students not really determined to quit.

If you want to contribute to buying these gums for students, send me an email at gab@seor.. for details. I’m taking payments for this through Paypal, as well as contributing $1000 myself. We’ve also got people matching donations dollar for dollar, so that if you give $10, you’re helping us get $20 total.

For the links, any donation over $100 gets you a link on the aguda’s old, trusted site and another one on the program’s site. We may get a third link n Rothberg’s site, but it’s unclear for now.

I’m not sure whether we can give optimum anchor text, but I’ll do my best to arrange it. For the record, Matt Cutts approves of charity-donation links.

Again, to send money and get links, email gab at this domain (seor..).

How Link Buying Should Evolve In 2009

Link buying advice often sounds something like, “Get links from relevant sites and pages for the greatest boost to your rankings.” Link buying advice is often wrong.

According to everyone’s favourite content network guru, keyword selection on the content network needs to be based on demographics. That’s why I saw the following weight loss ads on a page that had nothing to do with weight loss, and nor did the site hosting the page. (more…)

Yahoo Site Explorer… Dying?;_ylt=AsF7s1pRZXQjk6M7mHIy99bal8kF?

Try and find

(Updated with new link as Yahoo changed its results and included other links I’d gained.)

Hint: It’s not (more…)

How To Do Search-Based Retargeting Cheaply and Build Branded Search Demand

At SMX West, one of the most interesting things I learned was that an advertiser who spent $30,000 on banners saw a 20% lift in branded search. When you consider how well branded search converts, that’s good news, especially if that demand lasts (for the caveats on measuring true branded search ROI see “What Every SEO Needs to Know About Branded Search“). This post is going to explain how you can use the link graph to get similar lifts in your branded search, (more…)

550 Subscribers, Newspaper Article and other Milestones

Things have been absolutely incredible here lately, as I’ve achieved a variety of milestones.

1. Matt Cutts complimented me and by recognizing that I was one of the first two people (with Mike VanDeMar of the Smackdown blog) to notice Google indexing site searches. (more…)

The Biggest, Baddest, Resource Bonanza Bar None!

Here’s my effort to share original resources that haven’t received wide attention/link love on other blogs. Hence I haven’t shared Aaron Wall’s tools (how useful would one more mention be?), Xenu Link Sleuth or SEOmoz’s tools (though I had to put them in the Friends section). Here is search marketing’s BIGGEST, BADDEST, RESOURCE BONANZA BAR NONE! (If you enjoy it, subscribe – there’s lots more where this came from ;) .)

The SEO Business

What makes Web sites credible?

Proposal layout and design

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Proposal More Competitive

Canada Business – Starting a Consulting Business – Interesting item for my fellow SEO consultants here (more…)

Montreal Business Community: Startup Camp and Yulbiz January

Last month, I attended StartupCamp Montreal and Yulbiz, and I’ll be discussing the people from Montreal‘s business community whom I met below. You’ll recall that I spoke at FacebookCamp Montreal. Now, most of you reading this are not in Montreal (though considering the attention my competitors pay this blog, perhaps that’s not quite so) – so why should you care? Well, two reasons. (more…)

Linking Oot n Aboot: Wynn Sucks, Learn Joomla SEO, Positive Facebook Ads ROI

I’ve decided to start a semi-regular link love thing sharing items I’ve recently come across that I’d like to share with you folks as being valuable resources. This “Linking Oot N Aboot” column name comes from David, who remarked to me upon seeing a picture of me in a suit with a poppy: “You’re a canuck too?!” Yep, sure am! And though I don’t have the maritime/Atlantic Canada pronunciation that we seem to be famous for, I’ll shamelessly use my country’s national slang for the hell of it. (more…)

Hidden Meatball Sundae Post, Commenter Link Love

Due to this blog’s buggy technology (as in, horse and buggy), my blog is hiding a post I think many of you will enjoy. That post is Whitepapers Are So ’07: MyVenturePad Gives Away Meatball Sundaes for Linkbait. It discusses MyVenturePad, their great linkbait as well as a related book I’m reading: 10 Reasons for Businesses to Blog. Besides that, I’m taking the opportunity with this little upkeep post to share some link love with recent commenters. (more…)

Cloning Expired Sites: Blackhat Tactics and Whitehat Strategies Don’t Mix, But Greyhats Eat the Cake

Eli wrote about desert scraping, which is the practice of digging around expired sites on, grabbing their content and reposting it on your own sites. Cloning expired sites is a similar idea that (more…)

SEO ROI Blog, Commenters and News

I’d like to share some quick news on the SEO ROI blog, its commenters and other stuff. (Update: If you saw this post already and are returning here for my latest posts, you can click here to skip to them.) (more…)