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Mid-tail Keyword Domination

This is a guest post by John McElborough, who runs an SEO consultancy and PPC agency in the UK

In my last post here I shared some tactics for how you can cash in on long tail keywords using various content generation strategies. There‚Äôs no doubt that the long tail is where the traffic’s at but today I want to talk about the mid-tail which in many sectors is where the moneys at! (more…)

Is PPC Necessary? Why? If So, When Do I Need To Do PPC?

Is PPC necessary? Why is PPC necessary or not? If so, when do I need to do it?

These are questions I recently got in fielding a proposal for search marketing services. For others who might have the same question, here’s the answer, and an explanation. (more…)

Inverse Document Frequency In Plain English – Dr E. Garcia

SEW Moderator OrionI recently had the opportunity to discuss some information retrieval theory with Dr Edel Garcia, who is a researcher and professor in the field, as well as a longtime SEW Forum moderator (aka Orion). He helped me understand what Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) is, and what it has been used for in the information retrieval field. Dr. Garcia generously agreed to let me publish our conversations on this blog.

(Update: Apparently Dr. Garcia is no longer active at SEW as a moderator.) (more…)