WP SEO Plugin Conflict Report

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I’ve long had All In One SEO, but I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with it. It only handles posts, not pages, it won’t auto-301 posts when you change the permalink and doesn’t let you mass-edit titles/descriptions. Not that I’m ungrateful, as it’s been good to me, but it’s kind of annoying having an All In One tool that isn’t all in one.

Platinum SEO has some of these features, so I was happy to find and install it. The thing is, I don’t recall which of my posts are already making use of All In One…

Which sucks, because Platinum SEO Pack conflicts with All In One SEO Pack. When I enable Platinum, it makes special titles configured with All In One SEO Pack revert to my homepage’s default title. Obviously that’s not my goal.

This one needs more testing and tweaking, to figure out the exact mechanics, but it’s going to be a chore transitioning from one plugin to the other. Chalk up another redesign task… Also @SemperFiDesign – Please consider this a support request :).

Author: sroiadmin