Update To The Popular Internal Link Building

My friend Marios Alexandrou, an advanced SEO who loves to test ranking factors, worked with my programmer to update the popular WordPress plugin I had built, Internal Link Building.

For those who don’t know, Internal Link Building automates your internal linking, so you can rank like Wikipedia without being Wikipedia. Ever notice how Wikipedia always links keywords in its articles to the relevant Wikipedia pages? This plugin does that for you.

What’s popular?

– 9000 downloads – without being in the WordPress codex!
– Worldwide attention with coverage in: the US, Canada, Russia, France, Japan, Romania, Brazil, the UK, Belgium
– Favorable mentions from SEOs in competitive industries like gambling and pills, as well as the mainstream trade sites like SEO Book
– Translations into Russian and other East-European languages (I think there’s one in Japanese somewhere, too?)
– Ported to another CMS

And now, the plugin’s set to be even better with Marios’ updates which allow you to make the anchor text be more natural / links to occur without you typing the exact phrase.

Here’s what’s new.


In Marios’ words: “The features are primarily to increase the number of link matches on a page while also increasing the variability of the anchor text. The plugin is going to let me test across multiple sites without having to do a lot of work :).


1. Specify the number of words that can appear in between the keywords you provided and still have a match found

2. Specify the number of words before the match that will also be linked

3. Specify the number of words after the match that will also be linked

4. Specify the number of total links that will be inserted into a page

Note: Matching won’t cross punctuation like a period or exclamation point, but will cross commas.

Bug Fixes:

– Updated to work with WP 2.9.1

– Exact matching wasn’t working quite right

– Removing Custom Post Keywords left data in the DB

Other Changes:

– The plugin settings page is now in the Settings section rather than in the Posts section. I didn’t ask for this one, so I guess Aaron did it.

– The menu option is now called Keyword Links instead of Keywords

– Update the version to 2.0. I figured the changes were significant enough to go to 2.0.”

Marios is going to handle bug fixes/updates to this new version on his site. Marios’ Internal Link Building comments page. You should also definitely check out Marios’ blog, All Things SEM / SEO Blog, and add his RSS feed to your reader – it’s definitely in mine because he tests and blogs about original ideas instead of rehashing like other people.

That said, as with previous versions of the plugin, you need to add my RSS feed to your reader (or subscribe to get new posts (free) by email) to download it. Why? So that you’ll find out about any future updates by myself or others. Besides, there are also other free downloads when you subscribe to my RSS feed (or get my new posts by email), as an SEO ROI calculator spreadsheet – so you can forecast SEO ROI before tackling a keyword/niche.

Author: sroiadmin