Internal Link Building v. 2

Stumble It Button! Internal Link Building has been updated – everyone should get the new version, as it has fixed the main bugs troubling many installations, plus added some awesome new functionality. Download internal link building by clicking here!

Internal Link Building‘s New Functionalities and Why They’ll Rock Your Socks:

1) CSV upload. Can you say mass keyword editing? Hello, time savings!

2) Link multiple keywords to a single URL. This is effective for getting all the keywords you want a page to target done in one go. Just put a space ‘ ‘ pipe ‘|’ and space between the multiple keywords/phrases you want to be linked. E.g. affiliate | affiliate marketing. More efficiency! More time savings!

3) Nofollow functionality. Often linking to an affiliate URL? Nofollow that sucker automatically :D. OMG! More time savings! Geez … set this plugin up and you may as well go on a month-long cruise in the tropics!

Plugin Bug Fixes

1) Apostrophes within keywords can now be used. So if your friend O’harra is always getting links from you, just set up O’harra and don’t worry about it.

2) URLs that are just being shown, e.g. are no longer having keywords within them linking out. E.g. services won’t link to a page you’ve set.

3) Posts and pages that are set as link-love destinations won’t link to themselves. Yay! Better aesthetics :).

4) Blockquotes and lists can now feature links within them. So go ahead and cite Nickycakes:

Ongoing ClickBooth vs Wickedfire Drama

Doesn’t seem to be much going on here. The lawsuit is apparently still in the works. One thing was obvious, though, at Affiliate Summit East: Clickbooth got a big ass double booth, but compared to pretty much all the other networks, you could practically hear crickets chirping when you walked past.

Bingo, Shady still gets the link within the Cakester’s comment for his [Shady’s] Clickbooth material.

5) Chris Cemper‘s issue has been resolved. Not quite sure how to articulate it, so here it is in his own words. “If we specify 6 links and place 3 per post, we certainly want 3 unique links, not 3 times the same ones… that would look spammy/unnatural.”

6) Simple Tags can now work with ILB, with a little ‘child’s play’ hacking on your part, per my awesome developer Aaron.

Bonus Advantage

This is something I’ve noticed since installing the plugin: My average page views seen per visitor has gone up from 1.4-1.5 to 1.9-2.0. Woohoo! Go extra frequency/repetition and brand recall!

7) Image tags with keywords in them (e.g. in the alt or title) are no longer breaking.

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Author: sroiadmin