How Do I Sell More Hourly Consultations?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I want to flip the tables and this time ask you, my dear readers, for some advice. What can I do to sell more one-hour consultations? It’s my favorite service to provide, typically clarifies a lot of stuff for the client and provides them with great value, and it’s quite convenient as far as overhead/organization goes. I’m open to anything, so don’t be intimidated or feel like it’s a “stupid” suggestion or “too obvious.”

Prizes for good suggestions include:

– Dofollow links added to this post, featuring your desired anchor text, as well as a line or two of copy around it. Linking to deep pages is fine too.

– Hourly consultations with yours truly, for really great suggestions.

The first link is to Jeromy, who offers internet business how-to tips

I’ve added some in the comments below too, but regardless, check out Jeremy Knauff’s web design company.

Rob Kingston‘s also had some nice tips. Likewise, Vinh Nguyen (of Chom Chom Advertising Agency) and Michael G (who sells Greek Apparel ) ‘s conference call/webinar idea. You both win an hour. Willy Franzen, who writes up Entry Level Jobs, knocked me off my socks. There’s another hour won.

My friend Brian Hawkins who blogs 140 characters daily at and is an affiliate marketing manager for, which provides International calling cards, had the following tips to share by email as to how to go about it.

“Sure your SEO consulting time is worth hundreds of dollars an hour. When I used to sell SEO service, it bugged me that my plumber charges $150 an hour to fix my toilet. Plus he would round up to the next hour, even when he worked an hour and fifteen minutes. Yet I was having a difficult time convincing potential clients that are experienced SEO consultants were worth the same as my plumber.

“However when we tried packaging the SEO services, it created a high perceived value. Which was a lot easier to sell as opposed to the sticker shook of seeing that high hourly fee which can prevent marketing folks from hitting the Paypal button.

“So I’d suggest providing value added services, something that you can’t find online that has real value. Such as:

– A list of action items for the client to walk away with as a training guide

– A special link building list or access to your rolodex to help them network to achieve their online ranking goals.

– Fancy excel sheet to help them get organized.

– An ebook that is filled with real valuable advice vs. those bogus “make money online” re-written ebook articles.

“Try to tailor your pitch to offer a packaged service of advice that really relates to a certain industry or type of solution a customer is looking for answers on. This will customize your hourly consulting call time to be specific to a certain industry or niche advice that they potentially can’t find elsewhere.”

Thanks a bunch, Brian!

My friend Keri Morgret of Morgret Web Designs shared the following ideas:

“On Craiglist, I see pleas for SEO/SEM/Website help in the gigs section. They’re often poorly defined (don’t give industry they’re in, how many pages on the site, etc.) and sometimes really don’t know what they’re looking for. This post is an example: The person is looking for a”programmer who can make our sites the top sites that appear when various industry related searches are done on yahoo and google. ” Nothing is said about anything offsite, keywords, etc.

“I’m wondering if you could pitch some of those people with doing an initial site review and giving them a realistic picture of what their site really needs, the time involved, the skills they should be looking for in a contractor, and a ballpark of what they can expect to pay. It’s not going to work for everyone, there are a lot of posts out there that expect miracles for $15/hour, but Craigslist is a big enough place that there should be some candidates out there for this type of thing.”

Author: sroiadmin