20 Blockbuster Reasons To Subscribe And Become A SEM Thought Leader

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Desert VistaThis post is a little like a long march through the desert. Visually it’s pretty repetitive and it’s easy to just focus on the mountain peaks (subheaders/scannable content). But if you survive it to the end, your mind will be stronger for it and you will be rewarded in more ways than one. And you’ll have a new SEO blog feed in your feed reader.

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20. You should subscribe to my RSS feed because reading the original headlines I write will make you a better writer, if nothing else. In turn, you can leverage what you learn and replicate my techniques in your own niche. Besides, my topics are different…

19. The topics I’m writing about aren’t being covered by other search and search marketing bloggers. Simply put, the material is more original, more edgy, more ahead of the game. Who else is teaching you about cloning expired sites? How about using n grams to make your anchor text profile more natural? No one else is sharing ideas like that, and if you don’t subscribe, you’ll get left behind by the SEOs that do. This relates to points 15 and 06, below.

18. My regular use of case studies sets me apart and gives you practical examples whose tactics you can apply in your own situation. Other people will talk to you about how to do your reputation management. I wrote about Facebook’s reputation management efforts. Others will say “be good to your clients and they’ll become brand evangelists.” I wrote about Adviso and Dreamhost generating brand evangelists by proactive reputation management. And I contrasted them with 1and1 and Network Solutions. This blog is more than just what’s going on in the here and now, though.Google Maps SERPs

17. This SEO blog covers the leading strategies and tactics that are set to make their mark in the near future. Want to find out about Google Maps’ latest changes to their SERPs? I wrote about it first. What about when I’m second?

16. It’s exceptionally rare for me to be second because I strive to be different and original, but when I am, I add something unique. I covered the Google BlogSearch search engine’s ranking algorithms, based on distilling the gems of other people’s analysis into an easy-to-follow guide. But my guide improved on their explanations by adding how my own blogs had been impacted by Google’s ranking factors, both positively (a Blog Search Onebox inclusion) and negatively (another blog getting flagged as potential spam). Like I said at point 18 – this blog is practical. Like that picture of a wrench there. I know practically that more of you will subscribe if I use pictures. See? I’m practical because I put a picture of a wrench on this page.

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15. My personal philosophy about learning is that everybody can teach you something, which is essentially what Brian Clark explains here. By now I’ve probably taught most people that reading promotional copy for RSS feeds is a waste of their time and that they should be clicking ‘back’ to avoid further mental decay. More seriously, my approach to learning means that take blackhat ideas and adapt them to whitehat processes. By reading this SEO blog, you get the benefit of learning what works without the risk of getting banned.

14. Speaking of learning, some questions are asked more frequently than others. I’m aiming to develop the single largest, most comprehensive SEO FAQ around. Subscribing will likely result in you finding answers to your questions just as they arise. Such as the difference between a/b testing and multivariate testing, or how to write a robots.txt file. You’ll also see other issues discussed here as they arise:

13. I’ve been the first with the news here repeatedly, in a short time. I polled Facebook users about their shopping habits and about whether they were aware of the Facebook blog’s existence. Likewise for the silent murder of Facebook Flyers. Plus you’ll find a lot more here than Facebook.

Thought Lightning12. The ideas you’ll find me writing are thought-provoking. Literally – I wrote a how-to Think Like A Search Engineer post. And I asked whether aggressive ad publishing decreases your Page Rank. Certainly, it’ll decrease your mindshare, and it’s not a great business model in any event. And if you care about SEO as a business, I’ve got another juicy reason for you to subscribe.

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11. That reason is my meaty content and knowledge of SEO as a business. I’ve interviewed Mikkel deMib Svendsen – one of the most experienced SEOs around, who’s been in the business since the mid-late 90s – on SEO business models. And I’ve chatted with Rand Fishkin and Rebecca Kelley about it in SEOmoz’s Premium Members section (see closing the sale, a search marketer’s priorities, and how to stand out in the SEO blogosphere). So you can see that if you want to get into the search business, following this search blog will help you get a head start.

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10. Subscribing is a great step to establishing a relationship with me. Big deal, right? Well, it is a big deal when you consider that I write around a fair bit, tend to get my content ranking and generously link out to people whom I have relationships with. Fellow bloggers, former clients, people who’ve had me guest-post … all have benefited from such links. And I’ve written for the best of em: SEOmoz’s blog, Sitepoint, BrandCurve, Pandia’s search engine blog, ISEdb, the Huomah SEO blog, etc. Not to mention what I’ve done at Sphinn.

09. My in-depth posts have been averaging 40 Sphinns. In other words, fellow search marketers are impressed at what I write. At the time of this writing, this one on motivation had 40 Sphinns. This piece on MSN’s share of the search market MSN 40 sphinnshas 40. Another 40 for this post on resurrecting sites from the internet graveyard56 for the Top 20 Little Known Sphinners. To be fair my “Hey guys, I’m speaking at SMX West and I’m only 20!” post only did 27. Hey, at least it got a link from Search Engine Land :D (see the Conferences section of the post).

08. I have a variety in length, content, and niche. Want a medium-size post on analytics? Got it. A long piece of algorithms? Done itCredibility? Check. Variety of case studies? In stock. Informal writing your thing? Bingo! You won’t get bored with one type of content all the time. This relates to #03 below (though the Scratchpads discussed there might be long or short, depending on how much I have to say).

07. In the short-to-medium-term, I’ll be launching the best damn premium content you could find anywhere. Better than SEOmoz, better than Jim’s Ninja Videos, better than Aaron Wall’s upcoming membership/subscription site. Anyways, I will be restricting access to the premium section to 100 people or less, and you’ll need to be a subscriber to find out how to apply for access.

06. Occasionally, subscribers will get access to content that non-subscribers won’t have. I’m currently editing a 30-page report on getting the attention of the Sphinn crowd. The top Sphinners have graciously been granting me interviews, and I’ve been conducting my own personal research on the site. I’ve compiled their answers and my research into the Authoritative Guide To Sphinn: Everything You Needed To Know Plus The Colour of Danny’s Skateboard.

Other things coming in the near future are a tools page (password available in the feed) and certain WordPress plugins, whose download pages’ access password will only be in the feed.

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05. If you want to belong to any industry’s thought-elite, you need to read the same material the elite are reading. (Not think the same, mind you, but definitely read the same). It’s like that saying, “Show me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Search marketing’s influential people are already paying attention to this blog and to yours truly. Besides Danny Sullivan and the people from SMX, Maki of the money-making Dosh Dosh has repeatedly Stumbled and Sphunn my material. The same can be said of Jeff Quipp, from Search Engine People. Likewise Sebastian, the famous shellfish behind Sebastians’ Pamphlets.

Does the name Rand Fishkin ring a bell? He’s stumbled my content. Ditto Bill “Patent Guru” Slawski. How about Dan Thies?

SEO ROI's readers

Tamar “Techipedia” Weinberg, Chris “10e20″ Winfield, Shana “Social Desire” Albert, Ralph “Fantomaster” Tegtmeier, Tad “SEO 2.0″ Chef, Marty “aimClear” Weintraub, “XMCP” of Slightly Shady SEO, Ann “SEO Smarty” Smarty, Dave “Red Fly Marketing” Davis, Chris “North Rock Publishing” Dohman, Andrew “Local SEO Guide” Shotland, David “Huomah” Harry, Todd “SEM Portland” Mintz, Bob “Raise My Rank/Qwerty” Gladstein, Hamlet “Ranksense” Batista, Kim “SEO For Newbs” Bock, Barry “RustyBrick” Schwartz and veteran SEO Bill Hartzer are just a few of the industry’s big names who have been known to pay attention. To the right is a matrix of my readers, compiled using their Sphinn avatars.

04. As opposed to subscribing to an email search marketing newsletter, this will allow you to keep control over your inbox and only check things out when you feel like seeing them. You have control over the volume and speed at which you learn. Granted, you’ll likely get addicted to this content and read it all as soon as it’s published, but at least you can easily unsubscribe at your leisure (no reply with ‘unsubscribe’ subject lines or counting on others really removing you from lists), if ever you decide to kick the habit. ;)

03. Content is going to be concise and to the point. That’s largely what my Scratchpad column is going to be good for – getting out ideas quickly and informally without additional fluff. Just the bare-bones essentials of the idea, and perhaps a couple of applications. Mostly just the idea(s) though. Yummy content that’s easily digestible.

02. My volume of posts is very apt for a feedreader – subscribing by feed will save you time instead of checking back daily. I don’t post daily, but I don’t post fewer than twice a week either. The only exception is if I’ve guest-posted elsewhere, in which case, there’s at least a post notifying you where to find the guest-post.

01. The most original, iron-clad satisfaction guarantee you can get! I’ll PAY YOU $20 US by Paypal if you find yourself less than totally satisfied at having subscribed, provided you give me valid constructive criticism on how I failed to make it worthwhile and how I can improve. These 20 reasons show that I know what makes a feed worth reading, and you better believe I’ve done my homework on why people unsubscribe. I guarantee your satisfaction.

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