Internal Link Building v3 – More Natural Anchor Text and New Tabs

Internal Link Building is a plugin I created to help SEOs by letting them auto-link internally like Wikipedia does, so you can rank like Wikipedia.

It’s since been adopted by affiliates to auto-link to affiliate products and by bloggers looking to auto-link to their RSS feeds and popular posts, as well.
(Read on for details on new functionality, FAQ, etc. For those who just want the latest version, add my RSS feed to your reader and download it from there.

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I recently sent people interested in my advanced SEO book a second free sample chapter about more natural anchor text. The updates to ILB do just that. In the words of the programmer

New functionality:

Words Between means that more words can be in the anchor text. So, you can match “google search” to “google cat search” if this is set 1 or “google the best engine to use for the search” if set higher. The setting is the maximum, not the minimum.

Words Before are similar but will just grab the X number of words before a link. This will always grab the set number of words, but will not cross sentences. Mainly, this is used to make the links look more natural on the website and vary the anchor text slightly.

Words After does the same thing but afterward.

Note: Matching won’t cross punctuation like a period or exclamation point, but will cross commas.

Max Links specifies the max amount of links ILB will insert onto the page, covering all keywords/links set in the plugin.

Open links in new tab” can now be set as a default. This is really useful for those of you running the plugin for affiliate links and wants the visitor to remain on your site after clicking.

Existing features:

Keyword and page set: Tie one or more keywords to one or more pages.

Keyword repetition max: Limit the number of times a keyword will link to a given page.

Nofollow: Want to link to your RSS feed or affiliate links automatically? Don’t waste link juice on them.

Case-sensitive-option: Use proper nouns that you don’t want linked? Avoid Mike’s Dog Food linking to your ‘dog page by setting dog too. “exact match”

Post-level-overrides: Want a given keyword to auto-link but just for a specific post? Scroll down below the post editor and adapt settings for that post.

Mass upload: Got a looong list of keywords and URLs you want to set up? No problem. Just a CSV file in Excel, then copy-paste it into the mass-upload box in your admin panel. Click upload and you’re done! (Each field needs to be separated by a tab.)

To use the plugin:

Go to Settings, rather than the Posts section, to modify things.

The menu option is now called Keyword Links instead of Keywords


1. Will this plugin overwrite links in older posts?

– Where a post already links out using keywords used in Internal Link Building, the plugin will NOT overwrite it.

2. Can we make this link out in a post only a set number of times?

– You can both limit the individual keywords number of links per post, and the total links inserted by ILB across all keywords.

3. Can we make a set of keywords or URLs to link to, and have it link at random?

– Yes, just separate the keywords or URLs with | symbols in the keyword or URL field (see #6 and #7 for more).

4. How is this plugin different from other similar plugins?

– This plugin has the most functionality: post-level overrides, mass upload, keyword, and URL sets, words before/after/in-between keywords being linked, new tabs, etc.

5. Where is the post-level override?

– It’s in a box below the main content area the post creator/editor.

6. How do I link multiple keywords to URL or one keyword to multiple URLs?

– Type the different keywords or URLs out with a pipe symbol ( | ) in between them. It’s found just above the enter key on most qwerty keyboards; you press shift+| to make it appear (without shift you’ll get a backslash: \).

7. How do I install this?

i. Add my RSS feed to your reader or get my latest posts by email. The download link can be found below any post in a standard RSS or email feedreader.

(Is it worth subscribing? A) You can hear about updates. B) You get cutting-edge SEO tips, like those in my advanced SEO book.

ii. Download the file. Upload it to the wp-content/plugins/ folder.

iii. Log in to WordPress. Activate it within the plugins admin page.

Contributors list:

Thomas Voullemier runs a white label dating affiliate program.

Marios Alexandrou writes All Things SEM / SEO blog.

Jeff and John sell their services via SEO Design Solutions.

Chris Balicki does similar stuff in Poland via Web Systems.

Matt Longley of Site Source 101 was essential to get things going initially.

Lane Lester whose sites help you find the best information and reviews on the internet.

Author: sroiadmin