Google’s Conspiracy To Monopolize Online Shopping

(Image courtesy of Little Odd Forest Boutique)

What do Google’s search-within-search, the Google Affiliate Network, and Google Suggest have to do with each other? It’s all about Google’s transformation from being a bridge and toll-gate on the information superhighway to being bridge, toll-gate, and destination!

We’ll see how:

  • How Google will eliminate search as an affiliate marketing channel
  • How merchandising will need to adapt to the needs of SEO
  • Why Google is likely to come into conflict with the mega-retailers like Amazon and eBay

    1) Google will offer sort-by-price options for popular products, eliminating many thin affiliate sites.

    Note also how the definition of “thin” changes over time, since price-comparison was once “thick” and “value-added” (and, officially, still is considered that way). The thing is that when everyone became a price-comparison site (or a dropshipper like Amazon/Overstock/ then any given price comparison site wasn’t adding much value as compared to the others.

    In fact, Google already has this ability with Froogle Google Product Search.

Author: sroiadmin