Google Foresaw Mousavi’s Win

See here for details: #Iran Election: “Mousavi likely winner” – Google Trends.


  1. Google Trends will only show you what Iran's 'twittering classes' are searching for. Not the population at large - big difference. For an alternative view, may I suggest these two articles - from a non-partisan viewpoint (unlike most of the coverage thus far). I do enjoy your articles, but to cite Google Trends as fact regarding Iranian sentiment (even in only Tehran), is very weak and wildly inaccurate IMO. By the way, I'm not Iranian and I've no personal stake in the election.. nor am I affiliated with Stratfor. I just feel their analysis is worth a read before jumping to conclusions based on unrepresentative data. Sharif

    Comment by Sharif - June 25, 2009 @ 4:16am

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