Who’s The Best Social Media Agency / Company In Canada?

A friendly business acquaintance of mine, Jean-Julien of Sid Lee, asked this question recently on Quora. I thought I’d answer here for the benefit of my readers.

The question is kind of futile, in my view. It’s the same way many marketing award shows are only aimed at promoting themselves (they charge thousands per submission…). Just as those award shows don’t really pinpoint the best in the country, it would be impossible to answer this question accurately without doing a comprehensive rating… and none of these answers (award shows, surveys, etc) are ever really comprehensive.

How would you measure this? Average revenue made per campaign? For themselves? The client? How/why would people even share that data?

Most entertaining agency? That’s typically what the ad/mktg awards are about, but of course, this says nothing of actual ROI. (Yes, social media generates an ROI measured in dollars (PDF). See also this aside from Michelle Blanc on social ROI.)

It’s like how CSS galleries do nothing to promote good user experience and are instead just about pretty visuals.

If you’re looking for a social media agency, interview them with questions and don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with buzzwords. Engagement is great, OK. What does that mean? How do you measure it?

If you’re looking for a social media agency, look for multiple case studies where the client’s metrics for success are the same as your own. [I take for granted that marketing companies obviously only publish case studies of successes.] That way you know they’re experienced with achieving your goals.

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Author: sroiadmin