Where Have Gab N The Blog Posts Been?

Author: Gab Goldenberg

1) I got engaged.
2) Preparing the book ordering site. I’ve done two rounds of usability tests and set up a split test on the book chapter download to see if I can increase performance there.
2.1 ) Shipping pre-orders.
3) Creating a new free WP plugin based on one of the book’s tactics. It’ll help with content marketing. You can comment if you want to beta test, but I expect feedback. Expect this to seriously rock. If you’re not already subscribing by RSS, add my RSS feed to your reader now to get your free copy first once released! You can also get my latest posts by email.
4) Planning lots of guest posts and promotional content.
5) Planning a big piece of content: a remote usability testing guide based on my experience improving the book’s site.
6) Enjoying the beautiful city and life that is Jerusalem, where I live.
7) Applying to speak at WordCamp Jerusalem.

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Jon Villiard, one of the pre-order customers, with his copy:

Author: sroiadmin