What Can I Do For You, Commentators?

The video with my thoughts and questions is after the jump. Please give me some feedback on this – what can I do for you guys?

A few notes on the video:

First, I’m being facetious when I say I’m interested in comments on my blog only. Don’t take the poker face too seriously. It’s a [meager] bit of self-deprecating, ironic humor.

Second, here are some links that will help make the video richer:

  1. Gyutae‘s Winning The WebTop Blog rankings
  2. Lee Odden‘s Big List of SEO Blogs
  3. Characteristics of Linkbait or Rand Fishkin Is Brilliant
  4. Avinash Kaushik‘s blog metrics
  5. Barry Schwartz’s SEL column, the Daily Searchcap (aka link love fest).
  6. Michael Gray’s Viral Conversations and the ‘how to be creative in 4 easy steps post‘ I wrote for his SEO blog.
  7. Tamar Weinberg’s social media castle, Techipedia and the legal classes as social media posts I wrote for her site.

Third, I need to correct something I mentioned in the video – I’m close to 400 stumbles, not 500 or 1000http://gabgoldenberg.stumbleupon.com. Donno why I thought it was higher, but I’ve been really active in any case.

Fourth, some purists might say I’m only interested in helping others for the benefit it might bring me – more comments. That’s not the case, and the proof of that is how I still enjoy lending folks a hand offline.
I do want to get more comments and that’s an important motivation, but I’d be happy to help you guys out even if it didn’t increase the depth of conversations on this blog. So please stow the flames.

Thoughts? What do you want right now? Need a job? Need a reference? Links? Social media votes? Something else?

Idea! I’d like to tag the following folks and invite them specifically to comment (since they’ve commented intelligently before), though everyone else is welcome to the conversation too :)

Ben McKayBob PotterLiam DelahuntyMichael GrayJoshue SciarrinoMatt LongleyKyle WegnerShana Albert, and the mysterious Markus whose last name I can’t quite figure out/find online.

Author: sroiadmin