Weekday vs Weekend Bidding In Google AdWords: The 30 Second Analysis

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Should you focus on weekend or weekday traffic in your PPC ad campaigns? If you’re already getting organic search traffic, you have data that can answer that question in 30 seconds.

[sidebar] Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who leave within 5 seconds of arriving on the site. [/sidebar]

Google Analytics will allow you to compare visitors to the bounce rate. Here’s a pattern I noticed in a client’s account that makes it pretty obvious that weekend traffic is low quality, and that therefore they should either cut bids or pause campaigns on the weekend. Look at this chart:

visits vs bounce rates

See the pattern? 5 days a week, traffic goes up and the bounce rate goes down. Guess what? That’s the weekday traffic – people browsing from work, who actively are interested in the site’s products.

They’re goal-oriented, so they’re more patient and make more effort to find what they want on the site.

The weekend traffic is casual, so they’re more prone to bounce.

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Author: sroiadmin