View Goals By UTM Campaign, Keyword, Ad Content In Google Analytics

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Suppose you’re using Google’s URL building format to mass tag URLs with UTM_campaign, UTM_Keyword, UTM_content, and other UTM settings – where do you see the data afterward?

Google Analytics used to provide UTM-tagged URL performance data under the Advertising tab/navigation item. Now, it’s moved.

You can find the info in

Traffic Sources > Sources > Campaigns .

Once that’s open, scroll to the top and click Goal Set 1 (or 2, 3, etc according to what you want to see).

View google analytics goals by UTM campaign, source, medium, keyword, ad content

This provides extremely actionable info if you’ve properly tagged your campaigns.

Here’s some sample info from a client, for example.

We used

– one UTM variable for age and

– one UTM variable to insert country targeting data:

US traffic doesn't convert for this client, so cut that traffic. And conversion varies by age, so bids should be adjusted accordingly.

When the data present this clear, it makes taking action so easy a trained monkey could do it.

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Author: sroiadmin